Wednesday, November 8, 2017

feeling balanced... or knowing God's peace?

I didn’t write in October.  I didn’t paint either.  I didn’t garden.  I didn’t bake.  Frankly, I didn’t do much of much in the whole entire month.  What I did do was attend to my chronic pain issues and highlight in my Bible.  I healed and highlighted hard, folks.  I paused and purposefully allowed my wounded frame a time to rest alone with the Great Physician and Helpful Healer.  My focus solely directed onto His Holiness.  My attention strictly centered around His Truth.

Sometimes it is best to pause.  Sometimes it is favorable to not only remove the distracting noise and hustle-bustle of the day, but to also free ourselves of the personal goals, talents, and hobbies that we usually aspire toward.  You see, sometimes “throwing off every weight” includes our forte’s.  For when human enjoyments overshadow Christian purpose - Christ’s call for us to love and disciple others to His Kingdom - well, then we must obediently take care to reset our affections in reverent humility toward the Lord.

This was my October.

In the month, the Lord kept asking me to trust and give up.  To let go of “me” in order to gain more of Him.  Not easy.  Not something I excel at.  For yes, I trust the Lord.  I believe His truth and promises.  I know He is God.  I am confident that He is able, eternal.  Yes, He is King.  And yet, even with this knowledge and belief, I still cling onto “me” by chaining myself to the anxiety that surrounds what is still unknown.  Yes, I know God will supply all my needs... but I stress in the details as to “how” He will supply.  “How” will He prove faithful.  “How” will He care for me me ME!


In this silent, selfish panic as I attempt to control knowing His “how’s”... I foolishly trade peace for plenty:  Plenty of play.  Plenty of comfort...  Plenty of what makes me think I feel more balanced...

But here’s the thing y’all...

Is my whole purpose in life about feeling balanced?  Or is my whole created existence about being centered around loving and sharing the glory and salvation of Jesus Christ?  (BTW, I'm not sure I've heard of anyone who felt like they kept their balance doing the latter.)

Furthermore, will every hobby or personal pursuit in writing, painting, gardening, baking, exercising, socializing, working, decorating, etc., etc., etc.... will these activities stable me into completeness, wholeness, fullness.... balance?


In fact, balance is not the real answer.

Peace is.

And, despite what this world will have you believe, real peace does not generate from within but rather from above.

Peace is being in God's presence. Period.

And in His perfect peace, all our attentions/intentions become untangled as we faithfully enjoy holding the guiding hand of the Almighty... NO MATTER WHAT.

Peace is living in His holy presence as we receive His Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Last week I was standing in line at the Post Office.  In front of me was a well-dressed-business-casual styled man standing quietly with his son.  His child (also dressed nicely) was no taller than the height of this man’s thigh.  The boy’s sneakers were the kind that lit up when he walked, and his hair was fashionably gelled and pushed into a more conservative version of a semi-Mohawk haircut. Neither spoke a word to each other the whole time they waited, but both were having fun.  They giggled and smiled whenever they looked at each another.  As they waited, the boy held onto his dad’s leg and made silly playful faces.  His proud father always kept a hand on his son in some endearing way... rubbing his shoulder, tussling his hair, high-fiving at the best funny face-makings, holding him steady and near.  Clearly, these two enjoyed and loved one another.  They were thrilled to be together.  And their wonderful infectious relationship could not be ignored by anyone standing nearby.  However, while watching them interact, The Holy Spirit reminded me to recognize that this father was indeed the leader of the two... the overseer, the one in control of their day together.  And his son, who was really a "mini-me" version of his dad, was obviously loved, clothed, and cared for tremendously... even when his father was standing silently nearby... even when they were just waiting.

How wonderful to live as well-loved, clothed, and cared for children of the Most High God who richly styles us in His Glory and lights our path with His Living Word.  Yes, when we obediently hold onto the Almighty Father and King, His peace surpasses all earthly understanding and we are made whole.  His holy majesty blesses and attends to us, for He is a good Father.  He loves us most.  Tightly and obediently beside Him, He will always keep His hand on us - holding us close and upright as we walk together.  He handles every detail of every day and rejoices when we resemble His image.  His approval is our greatest joy.  We would be foolish to get lost or distracted away from Him.  For we benefit in His company the most.

Friends, when God is close, we are free to be His best!  But we must choose His Holiness first - before our “me’s”.  We must wisely throw off everything that hinders and lay aside everything that weighs us down from being with Him.  Consider: what is keeping you from being with Him?

With perseverance, we are invited to fix our eyes on His eyes.  To enjoy His company and walk His path.  To joyfully take on His style and stature while trusting Him through all storm and silence.

Yes, sometimes it is best to pause and reset our affections in reverent humility toward the Lord.  For true peace lives only in God's holy presence.

I pray that we each may know and love Him intimately.

God bless us, everyone!



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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