Saturday, September 2, 2017


Saturday 9/2/17: A week without power. I know in the grand scheme that really is nothing. Compared to those who have lost everything... my sweet neighbors who have layers of mud and debris covering the walls and floors of what once were lovely homes. Just like that so many have had to face the hard truth that life will be different for some time. Can you imagine losing all your earthly belongings in one day? Just like that. The freight train of Hurricane Harvey will be felt for many weeks, months, years to come here. Sigh. As I sit watching the large impressive hawks circling above my neighborhood, I find myself overwhelmed and appreciative for all we still have. One week without electricity has re-tuned my internal antenna to better hear my Spirit's gentle whisper. The only noise present are the chirps of geckos, the hum of a much appreciated generator, the breathing of my love sitting beside me as we regroup this hour over a cup of fresh hot coffee. We have learned to base all our activities around the "when"... when light is present. When the sun rises and falls. When we can see each other, then we progress together. We are blessed with a like-minded community. We have all reorganized our priorities and schedules. Because let's face it, tragedy elongates our time. This week has felt overwhelmingly like a month. And doing without has brought us a very different kind of agenda and comfort together. Lessons and hopes are more visibly seen without electricity, in true daylight... in the brightness of God's love. Yes, praying for power to be restored as the hardworking crews work outside our home today. They have given so much of themselves to help so many this week. May we all continue to give as well. May new transformers transform us. May new equipment equip us. May new electricity electrify us all to nourish the love we have found in serving one another.  ❤️. God bless, sweet peeps and Happy Saturday! ~V

Sat #2: Ok, so our electricity is running, but our a/c isn't working now. (Chuck already brought back the units to our neighbor too.) Could y'all pray with me on this as my hubs is worn out but still trying to figure out what's wrong. We do have fans running, but it is hot/humid. Lord, help!

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