Sunday, May 28, 2017

walking with God

Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away. (Genesis 5:24)

By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death; he could not be found, because God had taken him away. For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God. (Hebrews 11:5)

Enoch walked with God. Enoch accompanied His Master. Enoch stayed close and served His King until he was lovingly escorted directly to the throne room of the Most High. Oh, to be Enoch... to walk through this life and into the next WITH God. To intimately know God's grace that is greater than all our sin. Amazing love! What joy and hope to behold! Yes, Enoch walked with God because God is all Enoch needed! As such, he pleased His Father with his continued devotion and faithfulness.

I just love the brevity of Enoch's story in scripture. It's as if the Almighty couldn't bare to be apart from His most faithful even one more second. "Just come be with me, Enoch... walk with me... remain with me... and while your at it... oh, why not just STAY with me forever!!!" Glory Hallelujah! Enoch walked with God!

Recently, Momba came across an old, worn book in her belongings and gave it to me to read. The fragile pages within it are separating from it's binding but the print remains sound and the message is definitively clear. You may wonder why my mother would give me this tattered old book to read? The reason is because of WHO the book represents. You see, it is a devotional, published in the 1940's, that was given to my Great Uncle Harold by the Servicemen's Committee of Roseland Evangelical Mission Church just before he left for World War II. During this time, my uncle served in the Army and traveled through North Africa, Italy, and Europe carrying this simple but substantial book in his pocket. As a medic, my uncle saw just about every horror resulting from war. As a man, he faced every emotional, physical, and spiritual trial that accompanies the life of military service.

After my uncle returned to the states, his mother (my great grandmother) decided to read this little devotional every day, documenting her prayers and praises within it's pages for 20 years. So, as you can imagine, this tattered little book holds many notes written by the hands of my ancestors. Needless to say, every page is a treasure to relish.

Each morning as I turn the delicate paper to the next calendar date, I am reminded of the generations that came before me who also turned these same pages. With every word I digest, I am comforted in the knowledge that my own family members read and absorbed these holy truths. Best yet, I am so very pleased to know that these faithful, devoted family members chose to walk with God through their own journey. Knowing their history, I am confident that God remained a constant presence beyond their last earthly breath and into His throne room where Enoch and others joyfully awaited their Heavenly debut. Glory Hallelujah! Uncle Harold walked with God! Great Grandma walked with God!

Interestingly enough, my uncle's devotional was written by Dr. Henry Ironside (a former pastor of Moody Church from my hometown Chicago), and my grandmother had inserted a 1951 clipping of Dr. Ironside's death within the pages. The clipping reads,

"Dr. Henry A. Ironside, 74, pastor of Moody church, Clark st. and North ave., for 18 years until his retirement in 1948, died Sunday in a hospital in Cambridge, New Zealand, while on a world evangelistic tour, friends here learned yesterday. Dr. Ironside began his preaching career with the Salvation Army when he was 14 and later became a traveling evangelist and Bible conference minister. He became pastor of Moody church in 1930. He was the author of many religious books. Surviving are his widow, Ann, who was with him on the tour; a son, the Rev. John, and one daughter, Mrs. Gilbert I. Koppin. Burial will be tomorrow in Aukland, New Zealand. Memorial services will be held later in the Moody church."

As I think about the lives of Enoch, Dr. Ironside, my Uncle Harold, my great grandmother, and the impact of their individual existence here on earth... I'm amazed at how greatly God can use the lives of those who faithfully choose to walk with Him. Those who deliberately live with purpose to please their magnificent Creator. Those who carry His Word secure in their pocket through the worst of human storm and tragedy. Those who boldly evangelize His truth from the early age of 14 until the late age of 74. Those who quietly nurture their families day in and day out, trusting that their Master is always near and making it a priority to remain close to their King's redeeming presence.

Yes, these few walked with God. They were not perfect. They were not immune to trial or hardship. But they each made it a priority to know the Savior intimately. Today, these beloved brothers and sisters of the faith now stand free in the grace of the Lord God Almighty! Glory Hallelujah! For the same God that traveled alongside them, is also my great God. He is the God who will see me through this life and escort me into the next. He is the King who will direct my every step, even when the ground I walk upon quakes. He is the Master who promises to remain close... to always be with me... to always, always love me. He is my most cherished and faithful Friend. Yes, I'm with Him! No matter where this life takes me... I choose to walk with God! Blessed Jesus... Blessed Lord!

He who walks with God must take His way,
Across far distances and gray,
To goals that others do not see,
Where others do not care to be.

Who walks with God must have no fear,
When danger and defeat appear,
Nor stop when every hope seems gone,
For God, our God, moves ever on.

Who walks with God must press ahead,
When sun or cloud is overhead,
When all the waiting thousands cheer,
Or when they only stop to sneer;

When all the challenge leaves the hours,
And naught is left but jaded powers;
But he will some day reach the dawn,
For God, our God, moves ever on.

(Taken from H.A. Ironside's The Continual Burnt Offering)

Who are you walking with?
Who do you trust and turn to?
Who directs your path?
Who do you seek for comfort in times of trouble?
Who do you stay near in the simplicity and complexity of everyday life?

Might I encourage you to make it a priority to walk with the One who knows you better than you know yourself? Might I suggest you seek Jesus first... His kingdom... His righteousness... His love! Really, don't just talk about it... do it! For He alone holds the plans to your future. Walk closely with your God!  Trust me when I tell you that the impact of this decision may not only benefit you, but it will likely impact generations to follow... so, onward Christian soldier! Our loving God will never leave or forsake you! In fact, He invites you to cling to His everlasting security, peace, hope, and wisdom. He gives you His trustworthy Word to know Him better... to be WITH Him more!

So, will you choose to walk with the King of kings? Will you please the Almighty Creator with your attentive faithfulness? Will you follow the Savior wherever He leads? Will you, beloved, choose to walk with God this very day? For this is the day to rejoice and be glad in Him. This is the day to enjoy His unchanging and everlasting friendship... a friendship with the Most Worthy and Most High! O Glory, Hallelujah!

When all is said and done, my hope is that the final chapter of your life here on earth will be written like this:

" ____________ (fill in your name) walked with God and 
was commended as one who pleased the King."

O Glory, Hallelujah! Today, ____________ (fill in your name) walks with God!!!



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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  1. Beautiful, Victoria! Exactly what I needed to hear today. God bless, ~Colleen Sciscent