Sunday, May 28, 2017

P.S. On this Memorial Weekend...

P.S. On this Memorial Weekend... Here is something my late Uncle Harold shared with Lovington United Methodist Church on Memorial Sunday, May 24, 1987:

"When the smoke cleared, twenty-six army soldiers of the 45th infantry division... some of them my buddies, were dead. My division had landed on the Anzio Beach head, Italy. A major thrust during World War II. The Germans had launched an air attack and had hit us with a least two bombs. They were trying to put a halt to our advance. Many Americans were wounded and many were killed. But nothing was to stop us from winning... but the cost was tremendous.

In the months that followed, I drove a truck which served as an ambulance for the injured at the front. Taking seriously injured soldiers to medical aid stations, I saw the cost of war up close. Many had missing limbs, had lost their eyesight... some were dying and did not make it.

This Memorial Day, I remember! I remember that the price of freedom comes high... the sacrifice made by Americans in World War II and other wars was the ultimate sacrifice. I remember that I was, and am blessed - for I got to come home in one piece. I praise the Lord for his gift of LIFE and on this Memorial Day Weekend, I pray that we will never have to fight a war again... especially a war in this great country of ours."

Harold Forsen
WWII Army Veteran

May we never take for granted the freedom that so many fought for us to enjoy.
May you have a blessed Memorial Day!



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