Saturday, May 6, 2017

good and faithful

May 6th, Saturday Morning:

Realizing something very special has reached its end of usefulness, Victoria hesitantly retires one of her most treasured coffee mugs originally given to her and Chuck as a wedding gift.

Yes, this little cup has been glued and re-glued many times throughout their twenty years of marriage.  And yes, it has performed admirably - acting as a warming comfort through careers and sickness; through tea times, lattes, holiday spicings, and cider mulls.  This treasured little cup has served Victoria's family and friends well... consistently... steadfastly.

Understanding that nothing on this planet lasts, Victoria now pauses to consider how this good and faithful cup is leaving her with one final reminder... there is One who will never leave or forsake her.  One who will last beyond the trappings of this world.  She rejoices in the grace of His new, the hope of His future.

Now gazing through her window, watching bold squirrels parkour from tree to tree in her backyard, Victoria holds her broken cup and remembers the cup her Savior heroically carried in order to fulfill His Father's will.

Yes, He came to save mankind from sin.  To repair Victoria from her earthly breaks and burdens.  She cherishes His promises.  She looks forward to His banquet.  She longs to see the place He is preparing for her once she completes her usefulness in this world.  How she longs to discard all that is old for His new.  To hear His praise, "Well done, my good and faithful."  To live full and complete in His eternal home.

She whispers prayerfully, "Yes Lord.  You are the Potter, I am the clay.  Use this vessel for good.  I wish to carry your warmth and comfort to those thirsty and in need.  Allow me your great honor to share the Truth that truly fills and satisfies forever."

The sun is fully shining now as Victoria looks outside at her garden.  It is time to start tending.  Time to prune.  Time to work and serve well... consistently... steadfastly for the benefit of her family.  It is time to give... time to love... time to live useful for His good.  Yes, to everything there is a season.

Fill my cup, Lord.
I lift it up, Lord.

Happy Saturday!



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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