Tuesday, January 31, 2017

yes, I'm social media fasting... but here's one more poem before February arrives

If I were not here,
Would the world still turn?
Would the tides still roll?
Would the sun still burn?

If I were not here,
Would the breeze still flow?
Tell me, how would life really go?
If I simply were not here.

But what about God?
What would life be then?
If He was not near,
If He was not our friend?

Without God's hope,
We'd have nothing good to do.
We'd have no worshipping view.
We'd miss Salvation's perfect New!

Without God's grace,
Whatever could we be?
There'd be no point, you see.
Because no Calvary.

Without God's love,
We'd have nothing at all.
No hope from sinful fall.
No purpose; no holy call.

Yes, if God wasn't here,
This world would not turn.
These tides could not roll?
Our sun would never burn?

If God were not here,
No breeze would ever flow?
So tell me, how would life really go?
If God were not here?

By Victoria Anderson
© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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