Thursday, January 12, 2017

a new day has come... thank you, Lord!

Yesterday the enemy hit hard.
Yesterday the enemy relentlessly struck and attacked again and again and again without a single break...
Without so much as allowing me to enjoy a fulfilling breath.
Yes, yesterday was difficult.
Anxiety was high.
Emotions were overwhelming.
Yesterday was a time when I could not hear God's Spirit within.
When I did not feel protected. Or loved. Or renewed. Or even forgiven.
But here's the kicker. I still was all those things.
I still was.

I still was His most blessed child. His most beloved. His favored. His own.
I still was, and am these things!
I still am!
Thank you, Lord.

Yesterday, no matter how difficult my day became...
No matter how challenging my trials worsened...
No matter how worrisome my gasping escalated...
Finally... thankfully, God allowed me a moment of grace to catch my breath.
(Inhaling... Exhaling.... Inhaling... Exhaling...)
Thank you, Lord.

When that moment came, I realized that I still was being taken care of and provided for.
I still was safely covered under His wings.
I still had His hedge of protection guarding me.
Saving me.
Guiding me closer and closer to His glorious throne.
How anxious I am to see His throne!

Yesterday, no matter how alone, fearful, broken, burdensome, and physically defeated I may have felt...
I still knew He was with me.
I still knew that my Jesus loves me.
I believe this promise.
I trust His truth.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you for helping me believe.

Yesterday, and now today... I continue to run this race.
I continued to look ahead to His peaceful presence that awaits.
I continue to bless His Name with each breath of air He bountifully supplies my lungs.
And I will continue to praise Him when I breath celestial-eternal.
Glory! I can't wait to be near Him.
I'm sooo stoked to see His beautiful face!

Now, yesterday has past.
And today, a NEW DAY has come!

As I write this little blog, the weather is changing and ominous thundershowers rumble above my home.
The wind is whistling through the window creases.
The enemy is prowling around my house like a roaring lion.
Yes, Satan is out there.
But I am alert and rejoicing that my Savior is in here... in ME!

This I do know!
For my Bible tells me so!
Remember little ones, to Him we belong...
For surely we are weak...
But praise God that He is strong!
Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me.
So get behind me Satan, for Jesus loves me!
The Bible... His Word promises so!

What an honor to get to know this intimately close God today!
What a comfort to know that He will one day wash away every tear, every sorrow.
What a gift that He offers fulfillment, hope, and purpose to our lives.
What a God!
What a King!
What a Savior!
Really, what LOVE!!!

He is our Day Spring, our New Day, our Light!
His Name is worthy of our every breath... even if only a mere gasp in this moment!
Yes, everything belongs to Him.
So, be still and know, Believer.
Be still and breathe His promises.
Be still and bank on His love FOREVER.

He is reliable.
He is faithful.
He is trustworthy.
He is always with you.
He will never leave or forsake you.
Yes, a NEW DAY has come...
And the possibilities IN HIS NAME are endless!
Thank you, Lord!
Thank you with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength!

This is the day to rejoice and be glad because, "You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." (1 John 4:4)

Believe it and go run that race... live this NEW day in His great Name! WOO HOO!



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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