Sunday, October 9, 2016

remembering His heavenly hallmark...


Hard times will come.
Difficult moments will occur.
Sin will tempt.
Death will loom.
These worldly days will remain a challenge.
But keep on.
Press forward.
Follow and obey My Voice.

For as you walk through the midsts of these troubles;
As you are threatened by mountainous-sized turmoils of pain;
Remember, I Am here.
Remember, I Am faithful.
Remember, I will keep My promises.
Remember, I love you most.
Remember, I will vindicate and preserve your life forevermore;
Remember, and believe in Me with full assurance.

I will never abandon or forsake you.
I will generously give you my breath, my Words.
I will save you from this pit;
And, I will crown you with unimaginable blessings from the bounty of my Throne.

For My glory is great.
My love endures and lasts.
So always, always remember...
I Am able.

In you, I will continue to do a good work to completion.
So, as you live out each day, in this time, through these moments...
Stay nearest to My heart.
Abide closest with My Spirit.
Keep your faith fresh in the secure covenant of My grace.

Remember, I Am your God;
And you are My most beloved.

Live in victorious celebration!
You are free to soar and rejoice!
You are hallmarked under the royal stamp of My only Son's Life.
You are adopted in My house, in My family, in My Name.
You are cherished, valued, treasured, saved.
You are whom I serve with sacrifice.
You are whom I love always.

And I...
I Am your God.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Victoria.


While I live will I praise the Lord: 
I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being.  
(Psalm 146:2)

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