Monday, October 3, 2016


Do you ever pause to consider your impact?

Not the impact of your parents or your husband...

Not the impact of your children or your friends.

Do you ever think about YOUR impact?

Do you ever think about the influence and impression you are capable of generating through the words, actions, attitudes you choose?

I do.

I regularly think about my effectiveness in life and honestly feel overwhelmed at times.

For I am one person in an infinite number of human beings who have walked this planet throughout earth's history.

How can I make a difference?

How can I impact anything?

On the other hand...

From a biblical perspective, I am one person whom God intended to use for His good purpose today... at this moment... in this time.
I am a woman who He chose to place in a certain country with a particular family for a deliberate reason.
He has blessed me with unique skills and gifts.
He has created me with individual tastes and interests.
He has bestowed upon me my own unique style.
And whether or not I personally feel like my life is valuable - God assures me that I am precious in His eyes.
Whether or not I consider my voice a voice to be heard - God commands me to share His very particular message according to my unique and distinct experience.
Whether or not I believe I am able to overcome or accomplish any circumstance - God tells me that I can do all things through His perfect Son who has promised to give me strength.
Whether or not I question the importance of my time or the richness of my life in comparison to others who appear more prominent or wealthy - God says that He is able to make all grace abound to me... so that in all things and at all times, I will have everything I need to generously share Him to others on every occasion.

This brings me back to the point.... impact.

How do we as normal, average, everyday Christian women impact?
Are our lives directing others to Jesus?
Is He evident in our thought life?
Is He present in our words?
Do we speak of God's glory openly...
Or are we embarrassed to bring Him into our conversations?
Do we think of God's will regularly...
Or do we coast along following our own reasoning and logic while reserving His presence only for emergencies?

How about our hearts?
Do we showcase God's love in how we treat others?
Do we intentionally live our lives looking for ways to extend His love to everyone... yes, everyone! Do we think about Christ's example?
Do we seek after His ways when we respond to the happenings of today?

I believe that each DW can impact the world greatly.
We are distinct beauties that carry the Holy Name of the Almighty Father.
We are blessed creatures made new in Christ.
This is our God-given position.

If we decide to live exclusively devoted to seek and display Jesus in the small, everyday moments and conversations of our days, God will use our lives to impact the lives of others with whom we engage.

You see, we are the hearts of our homes.
We are the fresh flowers of our families.
As such, we each have influence to change the larger more daunting issues of society by simply showcasing what eternal love really looks like in the small, seemingly insignificant seconds that occur in our personal lives and communities.

For no moment is too small in God's kingdom.
No person is unimportant to Him.
He is a King who has decreed every detail of every life.
He has scheduled and planned every situation.
And we, ladies, are His ambassadors.
We are called to represent and extend His Name to others.
Yes, we are here today, this day... to impact the world, our world... by giving Him all glory, all honor, all praise, all attention, all devotion.

Our lives are not to be a compilation of hollow, distracting, selfish moments.
No, we are not to live in fear, defeat, or reluctance.
We are called to live fully in Jesus Name and love love love love love love LOVE!
There is no room for anything else.
We are to be cheerful and rejoice in everything - even the difficult moments.
Because He is our eternal, good God who treasures us beyond understanding.
He has changed our lives by extending His love.
He has saved us!!!

Yes, He has impact... so we have impact.
He has given to us, so that we may share His love to others.
So let's be a true, living witness to God's love, dear DW.
Let's share all His glory, all His honor, all His praise, all His attention, all His devotion... all His love to everyone we encounter in our life.
There is no other Name than His.
There is no other way than His.
Let's prove it with our very lives and share His love forever.

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. We are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him. (Acts 4:12; Acts 5:32)

Ladies, you are indeed here to make a difference.
You are alive to impact.
The question is, will you choose to do so in Jesus Name?

I hope so.

I pray that every DW will choose to live deliberately devoted to His exclusivity.
Showcase His glory to whomever He places in your path... His path.

Remember, this is the day that the Lord has made. These are His moments. Let's rejoice and love love love love LOVE!

Blog Posting Written By Victoria Anderson

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