Friday, July 22, 2016

excavating His holiness at the core of your rock bottom

Rock bottom.  At some point in life, we all hit rock bottom.  We arrive at a point, a place, a path that exposes a very small yet significant portion of evidence of a once holier past... a different, better life from today's "normal" and "accepted".  It is here we realize that life isn't quite what it should be.  There should me more... more good, more hope, more love... more!  Shouldn't there?

Ahhh, rock bottom.  Where God asks us to look closely at our truest, most exposed core and consider His life-changing invitation: Will we allow Him access for further investigation, cleaning, exposure and even the surrender of weighty surface materials to be removed - allowing Jesus to restore us to our originally intended and created state of purity and holiness under His intimate guidance and care???  OR will we smooth out the dust below our feet and ignore His Law... once again abandoning God's kingdom and hiding our sinful shame under more and more layers of sediment?

As crazy as it sounds, most will choose the latter.  Most will walk on by and hide the truth.  Why?  Because covering up a problem seems so much easier, doesn't it?  It requires less embarrassment and scandal.  (Or at least that is what Satan wishes for us to think.)  Let's face it, nobody wants their ugliest secrets detected and publicized.  Nobody wants to repent an exposed core of faults, corruption, and corrosive instabilities.  That would prove that WE are the real problem... that OUR universe is imbalanced because of mankind's chosen brokenness and not God's sovereign graciousness.  And clearly, WE don't wan't to be the broken or helpless ones, do we?  No, we want to believe that our best life is NOW!  That we are in complete control and living OUR way... on OUR terms (albeit a false life comfortably buried in the sand).  Yes, rather than actually experience God's eternal truth, peace, and a joy-filled life as it was originally intended, most of us are more interested in simply looking the pastoral and serene part on the surface layer of our lives.  We pridefully do all we can to save face in our social pockets of political correctness, technological and scientific adeptness, and visual celebrity pleasantness while remaining hush-hush about the accountability for man's damaging sinfulness.  Yes, that mindset is so much better than digging up the layers of fossilized, cancerous corruption that we've allowed to accumulate around our broken, weary hearts.  Isn't it?

Umm.... NO!  Not according to Jesus.  He has something much better in mind, folks!!!

Believers, Jesus has graciously made it possible to excavate and restore us into His holiness.  His death and resurrection (sacrificing Himself so that we might rediscover and receive His kingdom) is more important and valuable than anything we could possibly conceive or imagine!  Today, he invites us to submissively give up our status, our charm, our identity and instead trust our truest self to His rock bottom beginning.  To offer Him all damage present at our broken spiritual core.  To let Him do what He will with us.  Why?  Because Christ comes ready to save and restore!  He wants to uproot and plant new seeds within.  His experienced hands are ready to build new, better foundations without fault... without corruption or corrosion.  Yes, Jesus is ready, able, and willing to save us from being buried alive by all our secret, suffocating sin.  The Creator, who made us from the very earth on which we stand, brings His hope!  He can remove all man-made sinking ruins and build up His rock-solid, eternal temple!  WOO HOO!  Sure, there will be a lot of dust and debris uncovered.  There will be heavy boulders of embarrassment and stubborn weeds of pride to remove.  But consider the wonderful everlasting crowns and treasures to be gained in His Kingdom's Name!  It will be worth the effort!  Our sacrificial willingness and transparency to invite God into our rock bottom core will bring us into His intended holiness and unending LOVE... FOREVER!

So, let's stop living as frozen, ineffective fossils and get to know Jesus intimately!  It's time to get digging, peeps!  Allow the Messiah to excavate His holiness at the core of your rock bottom!  You won't regret it!

Yes Lord... remove every skeleton and cobweb of sin in our heart.
Bring us back to life... to now... to NEW... to YOU... TODAY!

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)



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