Tuesday, May 31, 2016

voice His good testimony

A quiet voice.
A soft heart.
A still, focused, loving tone.
Speaking slowly, deliberately, honestly, assuredly.
Expressing cheerfulness and encouragement.
Choosing responsive calmness as a form of worship.
Always trusting God's sovereignty and pointing others to His headship.
Singing to Jesus in celebration.
Giving God glory in every moment, every thing, every matter.

Praising His Name.
Praising His Name.
Praising HIS GOOD NAME forever and ever.

What we say and do not say...
How we say and do not say...
This is our testimony, Ladies.
Our words, tones, and attitudes can be powerful resources or horrible stumbling blocks.
So, let's wisely and obediently use our voice - giving all glory to the King!

His love is always our answer.
His love is always our answer.
HIS GOOD LOVE is always our answer forever and ever.



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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