Monday, April 18, 2016

for The Rundalls

Aggressive thunderstorms loom overhead. 
Crashing, clacking, crackling, clattering.
Every raindrop loudly announces its individual but brief lifespan; 
Deafening drumbeats that pool and disappear, 
Flooding the earth, 
Refreshing the soil for a new day.

Once again, I think about sweet Radley.  
His heartbeat. 
His health.
His importance.  
His life.  
His purpose in my Master's creation.  

I sip in a lovely vintage and consider the brevity of all humanity.  
Then I remember my Savior's words.  
His sacrifice.  
His hope.  
His promises.
His cup.

He will not forsake, even through this storm.
He will command peace and stillness.
And He will show us more...
Make us more...
He will change our dirtiest water into the finest wine.
He will catch every tear and restore, renew, rebirth our very souls into holy floods of living grace.
Binding us to His comforting Spirit.
Bending us to know His New Day will indeed come again.

For God so loves us,
He gives.
Even when all seems taken away and lost.
Even when the lion roars ready to devour and destroy.
Even when we drown and gasp and choke in horror.
God sooo loves this crashing, clacking, crackling, clattering world that he gives us His own Son.
Allowing Him to be nailed to our death.
So that whoever claims Him...
Whoever believes that Jesus is Lord, 
They will be bound to His Life forever!

Glimpse his goodness through the rumblings, sweet friends.
Remember His truths in these worst times of trouble.
The whole earth pains for our King's return. 
And He will return and complete His new covenant.

“This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you." (See Luke 22:15-20)

Love you.


© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson