Thursday, March 24, 2016

holy ground

When you come to His altar,
You stand on holy ground.
When you open the temple gates,
Do not bring your wares to pedal.
For God alone is to be worshipped.
God alone is to be exalted and praised.
God alone is to be honored.
Not ourselves.
No. Never, ever ourselves.
For all answers and attention belong to Christ.

Simply, stand barren and in need of His nail-pierced hands.
Because the Savior comes to intercede and reward.
The Creator restores and cleanses us new.
The Teacher disciplines and directs.
The Shepherd guards.
The Healer caresses.
The Father... hallelujah, the Father keeps His promises.

Yes, this is holy, holy ground.
There is no celebrity but the famous King of kings.
There is nothing profitable to be earned but the approval of the Lord of lords.
There is no truth but Love, Faithfulness, Joy, Satisfaction.
Dare we reach out and touch the Master's cloak?
Exhaling because He's allowed another breath to cycle.

In prayer and supplication.
In repentance and abandonment of self.
Here, remove your shoes and let your feet be washed.
Stand silently, transparently, and watch your Messiah reign on high.
He will overthrow every table of worthless merchandise.
He will close the mouths of scoundrels and scoffers.
He will pick up all pearls wasted before the swine.
He will remove all moth, and rust, and dust, and death forevermore.
He will whisper affections and feed you until you are full.
No matter how stormy the sky above.
No matter how dark the path ahead.

Yes. Come. Be still.
Stand here in perfect peace.
For you are on holy ground, little children.
Gaze fearfully, hopefully, honestly upon this Rock.
Dig your heels in deep and know His Law...
For Jesus the Christ is your holy, holy, holy ground.

© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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