Wednesday, January 27, 2016

remove, restore this poorest self of clay

My selfish, covetous heart forgets.
I must have more.
I must have "it".
I must have now...
And once again vanity abounds.

Here I cling to moth and rust,
At peddled dust,
At human lust.

No need in sight,
Just want want want.
Give me.
Get me.
Grant me.
Spoil me.

Foolishly my focus closes in;
To trinkets,
To fragments,
To so much sin.

Grasping, gnawing, clawing to death.
And yet, You bid my soul to rest!
You fill my cup!
You pay my debt!
A sum so large even the Savior wept.

Blessed Redeemer, surely I have been a fool;

Plant me nearest your peaceful throne,
For I cannot survive a moment on my own.
Without You I am raving mad;
Broken, hardened, ugly, sad.

My health in full depends on You,
So, give me Your eyes, Your ears, Your mind.
Teach me to love.
To care.
To be kind.
Eliminate all obstacles that barricade Your Way.
Remove, restore this poorest self of clay.
Feed Your daily bread to me,
Then come what ever, ere may be.

Thy will, not my want.
Your say.
Your decree.
In this humbling hour of my reality,
Inside this gift You call "today"...
Give me a heart to love.
Give me the strength to serve.
Give me the peace to trust.
Give me, yes, give me Your Word!

Full and satisfied in You.
For no thing, nothing else will do!

Glory to The Lord Almighty on High!
He, Who is my portion and my King!
Let me be full in Christ Jesus!
Let His love be my one and only desired thing!



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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