Saturday, November 7, 2015

keeping our lips filtered with His holiness

Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips. (Psalm 141:3)

All too often the Holy Spirit must remind me mid-sentence what words I am allowing out of my mouth...
What under breath comments and harsh tones I am capable of blurting out and, even worse, believing are fully justifiable and warranted.

Yes, it is natural to grumble.
It’s easy to passively (and sometimes not so passively) express hatred when we blurt out snide comments of discontentment to those within earshot.

You see, people (especially the one’s we love most)... well, they can really annoy us, can’t they?
They don’t always care about what we care about.
They don’t always do things the way we want done and for reasons we think important.
So yes, people can get on our last nerve.
So much so, that our love for them can seem downright schizophrenic when it comes to our words.
For when others irritate us, we usually say so.
We share our thoughts.
We say our peace.
But is it peace?
Is it really God’s defined peace that we are sharing?
Do our words accurately represent His holiness... or do they represent our own selfishness?
Have we forgotten to filter our lips not only with His truth, but with His perfect love, respect, and sacrifice?

I find it interesting that so many Christians (myself included) are more than eager to criticize and negatively complain about any given topic, but falter when it comes down to actually uplifting, evangelizing, and sharing God’s love.
Is this how our voices are to be used to represent the Savior?
Absolutely not!
We are to love others as if we were actually loving ourself.
We are to give them the benefit, share with them the truth, pray for them, honor and respect them, and most importantly extend to them the consistent and never-ending love of Christ!

So, dear readers, today I implore you (and myself!) to please think before you speak.
Be deliberate and thoughtful in Jesus' Name before choosing to be vocal.
And most importantly, use your words to uplift and promote His kingdom... what, in God's economy, really matters:

Whatever is true.
Whatever is noble.
Whatever is right.
Whatever is pure.
Whatever is lovely.
Whatever is admirable.
And ANYTHING excellent or praiseworthy...

Yes, think about these things!  Speak about these things!  Encourage these things and let the love of the Lord be showcased again and again and again!

Heavenly Father, set a guard over our mouths and watch over how we communicate in your Name.
May our words always be pleasing to your ears.
May our voice be your voice as we strive to represent your holiness and love always!

This is the day to joyfully and gladly be His blessing!



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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