Friday, October 16, 2015

washing feet

Today, I was having a conversation with a dear friend.... let's call her Kim (tee hee - cause her name is Kim). We were talking about how freeing it is to know our identity through Jesus.

Wait, let me backtrack....

Remember in scripture when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples? This is where Kim and my conversation began. You see, Kim and I were noting that Jesus already knew He was King. He didn't need to prove his identity. He didn't need to be convinced of anything. He was the Son of God and was royal. He knew that no man (or woman) on earth could change that fact.

Let me back up a little further...

When Satan brought Jesus to the mountain top to tempt and offered Him the world - it was a ridiculous offer that was already invalid. You see, Jesus already owns everything. Our entire universe would bow to Him at any moment if He gave the command.

OK... now take a second to remember when Jesus started washing the disciples feet. He already knew that Judas would betray him, yet he still washed his feet with love. Why? Because Jesus knew that nothing would separate Him from the Father. Nothing. He was royalty and that was that. So no matter what the world would bring in pain and suffering to Him - He would ALWAYS be with God. No matter who let him down in this life, or what undesirable circumstances this sinful world brought... Jesus knew that in the end - He would be with GOD! So he put on an apron, grabbed a basin of water and gently washed the dirt and grime off the feet of a man who would later betray him and send him to his death.... and He did this with love.


I have to ask the question...

Could we do that?
Could we treat our enemies that wanted us dead with that kind of humility and love?
If we are to follow Christ's example, that is exactly what He has told us to do.
We are to love our enemies and even pray for them. Jesus knew that as the Utmost High He was secure enough in His headship to become the lowest servant and wash feet.
I'm in awe of this thought.

So, let's fast forward to my conversation with Kim today...

We were acknowledging that even though we have experienced horrible pain in this life, we are children of Christ... thus we are heirs to the throne through Him.
We too, can be sure that since we have accepted Jesus as our Savior that we are royalty.
Nothing - no pain, sorrow, hurt.... NOTHING can separate us from the love of our Father in Heaven.

What a wonderful and freeing thought!

So, no matter what disappointments we have and will face.... no matter what false promises or lies that Satan may try to distract us with.... no matter how many years pass by... we can rest assured that WE BELONG TO JESUS CHRIST!

Let's keep our eye on the ultimate reward of being WITH GOD.
Let's remember to stay as close to Him as possible TODAY and every day.
Let's acknowledge who we are by remembering TO WHOM we belong.

Praise Him, Ladies!!!



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson


  1. You know that is such an easy concept but so hard to remember when we are in the midst of our own muck and mush. No matter what I belong to God, so no matter what satan throws at me, it is already done in Jesus Name. So why is it so hard in the middle of drama, and human stuff to remember that? I am so blessed that God lead me to your blog and daily insights. Thank you

  2. I ♥ this! It reiterates why I always prays for my haters & enemies! It's truly the most powerful thing you can do! Have a blessed New Year DW!

  3. I Love this article. How true! Have a blessed New Year!

  4. This is so nice. But at times really we as humans want to help God out at times. Its not easy to love those who hate us. We always try to show them. I ask God to make me meek.