Thursday, October 29, 2015

love "lock-down" day

So, here's the thing.  I had every intention of using my morning to write out and share a new blog with y'all today.  I had every intention of encouraging you, challenging you, relating with you in how we each are to live TODAY (and every day) for Jesus. But as I began to write my intended posting, I kept getting interrupted.  Not interrupted in a bad way.  Not interrupted like the enemy sometimes does to try and prevent me from sharing God's Word.  No, today my interruptions have all been good... with family things... with hubby things... with life, and morning, and laughter, and love things... with the people I share my life with type of things.  And now, I see that those wonderful people are whom the Lord wishes for me to spend all my time ministering to this morning.  As such, the Anderson family is in a temporary love "lock-down" and I will be unavailable for a newsworthy comment.  (LOL.)

With this in mind, I thought I'd at least extend a courtesy to y'all (so that you didn't think I fell off a cliff or something) and share this short blog post reminding each of you this important thought:

Sometimes, we might not know how the Lord will use us in a day.
Sometimes... often, the people He would have us minister to are those closest to us - and sometimes they are not.
That said, you never know how a day will play out when it comes to sharing God's love with others...
Ahhhh, but you should always be flexible and willing to adapt to His perfect plan when He chooses to direct your paths differently than expected.

So, on this morning, I bid you adieu.  Today is a vacation day... a personal day... a family-only day!  I am vacating with my family... with my closest loves.  I am available exclusively for them - merely because they have asked me to be.  Because sometimes, you need to step back and make sure your own household feels they are most special to you... not only knowing there is love, but seeing it and experiencing it close up, first hand, personally, and fully from your heart.

Might I encourage you to do the same with your own special loves.  Take a day off.  Be with you and yours, just because.  Love... minister... remind them that they matter!  Because they do soooo matter!!!

Love like Jesus!
Love wherever He leads!
Love love love!!!


© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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