Saturday, August 8, 2015

is your god God?

Where is your treasure?
What can't you live without?
More specific, what gets your heart pumping and your passions stirring?
What is your regular, standard, go-to activity... or thing... or person... or whatever?
Does it make you happy - maybe even elated - every time you are near?
Or does your treasure go far beyond feelings?  Perhaps something much deeper and more profound than a momentary emotional response or material high?

Let's take a physical inventory, shall we?

How much money are you spending each week, and what are you spending said money on?
Is it money you currently have available to spend, or is it borrowed money from another person or financial institution?
And while we are on the subject, how much debt do you owe?
What kind of debt is it?
Could such a loan have been wisely avoided through prayerful planning?
Could you have paid in full to avoid debt altogether?


How about this...
Are your credit cards maxed out?
If so, from what?
Are you shopping too much?
Are you shopping wisely?
Do you consider yourself a good steward?
Do you think Jesus would consider you a faithful servant?
Is your home overflowing with goods?
Do you need and use everything you own?
Or is the big elephant standing in the center of your life that dirty little secret of too many digital book downloads that could never be read in one lifetime... or the boxes of designer shoes, or purses, or jewelry, or clothing that still have their price tags on them and are collecting dust in your closets... or how about dining out too much... or the extra cable tv channels you don't watch... or "pimping" out the second car you don't really, really need... or insisting on purchasing the latest and greatest technology to match today's status quo... or perhaps something else?

Just where does your money go?
Do you even know?
Are you embarrassed to say?
Are you afraid to find out?

Here's another question...
Is tithing even an option in your life?
Is giving your time, money, and personal gifts to Jesus your first and most important priority?
Or does Jesus even make the cut over the new iPad mini?

Are your expectations and actions on this matter realistic in how you portray and obey God's Law?
Is God's Law even important to you?

How important?

Where is your treasure?
What is your priority?
How do you spend the majority of your time, resources, and (most telling) your money?
For whatever your honest answer - that is your heart's biggest desire.
That is your #1 focus.
That is your god.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21)

So, is your god God?



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