Wednesday, August 12, 2015

His life to live

When we choose to follow Christ...
When we choose the Lord's Way and not our own...
When we choose to study and know the Almighty's Law, 
Binding ourselves close to His healing Word,
Oh what wonderful gifts and blessings we are privy too!  
What honor and hope He extends to us!
How graciously he directs our hearts to become tender, exposed, transparent...
To selflessly love as He loves.
How patiently He teaches us kindness, obedience, truth, forgiveness.
How wonderfully He shows us His path to peace.

There is no darkness that His light cannot extinguish.
There is no trial or fear that He cannot overcome.
For the mere mention of the Savior's Name makes evil shutter and scurry.
Yes, there is power in The Lord!
There is enlightenment and strength in His promises!
So lay yourself on His altar:
Surrender every burden, every sorrow, every grief, every horror, every debt, every sickness, every wicked desire, every hateful thought...
Surrender, and become New in His Name!!!
Give Jesus your brokenness and believe He will continue to do a good work in you!
He will restore you!
Surrender, and be cleansed in His righteous blood!
Seek first His Holy Holy Holy!
For "our toil He doth richly repay," dear Christian!

He gives us the greatest of all gifts... 
He gives us His own Life to live!
He shares with us His perfect identity!
He adopts us into His Home.
He places His cloak and crown upon us.
We, who are His, are dressed in His beautiful, astounding glory.
We are protected with His unmatched might.

So, today... represent!
For His Kingdom is magnificent!
His Throne is unmatched and His nature is good!
So, today... press on!
For His authority is with us to accomplish much!
His Word is a lamp unto our feet; a light unto our path!
Whatever He says... do!
Wherever He leads... go!
Abide in Christ and rejoice, Believer!
For this is the day you've been given His Life to live!
So, today... LIVE!

Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. (Romans 6:4)



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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