Thursday, June 4, 2015

so how about some good news... TRUE LOVE!!!

So how about some good news... some awesome, unmatched, wonderful news...

God loves us!

Let me say it again. God loves us... all of us!!!!

Anyone who is stuck in this tainted world filled with the corruption of sin.... God loves!!! It's true! No matter who you are! Really!!!

God loves us soooo much that He sent Jesus, His only Son (a Son, perfect and without the corruption of sin)...

God sent Jesus to come to earth and die as a substitute for mankind. You see, according to the Bible, sin is punishable only by eternal death. YIKES! I hate death, how about you? To think that this life would be all there is... that after living only a short time I would be eternally gone, dead, lost?!?  Wouldn't that would be awful?

But God made a way for me, a sinner, to be restored and receive eternal life... that way is JESUS!!! And because Jesus is God in human flesh (God's Son), he accepted death and took on the lawful punishment for our sin.

Why did He do this?

Jesus did this so whoever... and I mean WHOEVER (meaning anybody)... whoever believes in Him as their Savior, their God, their King... those who believe in Jesus as their Lord shall not be punished with eternal death. (OK, I just have to say WOO HOO!!!)

God wants to be with us... relating and loving us. He does not want our souls to die forever. He wants us to live with Him. He love us, remember!?? So, He wants to give us the desires of our heart and spoil us in His glorious care... ALWAYS!

So, Jesus came to earth to die for us. Then He overcame death and lived again because He could!!!... He IS God in human flesh! A miracle for us to conceive, for sure... but here is the cool thing... God is in the miracle business! Only God could overcome death. So, only God has the power to save us from our sin!

In doing this, those who accept Jesus as their Redeemer and choose to follow His holiness will live happily and with a complete and fulfilling purpose in the good, perfect, loving and healthy presence of Almighty God... FOREVER. WOO HOO AGAIN!

With God, there is no guilt, no shame, no depression, no defeat... With God, we are free from sin and all the hopelessness it brings! With God, we can have true, everlasting FREEDOM by following His Word!

See, God didn't send Jesus to the world to condemn mankind... Rather, He sent Jesus to come and save us!!! How great is God? How blessed are we to have a God that loves us enough to actually overcome sin and death for us?

This news is really, truly awesome! This news is worth sharing!


So, if you haven't already... won't you accept God's loving gift of salvation? Won't you enjoy precious freedom from death today? Won't you be blessed in His presence and surrounded in all that is good? Won't you choose to follow Jesus and trust God to redeem you and make you a new creature in His loving care? Won't you live the rest of your life on earth with the wonderful knowledge, wisdom, and hope of being part of God's Kingdom forever? For His Kingdom is definitely the only one worth being a part of! People, God is worth seeking and following... I promise! HE promises!!!

Jesus is the ONLY WAY to find true, lasting, real peace... He is LOVE... TRUE LOVE! (OK, come on and say it with me: WOO HOOOO!)

So, let's start living life following JESUS - the CHRIST, the MESSIAH to the world! He has so much in store for us and wishes only for us to live in His abundant grace! Open up a Bible and spend the rest of your physical life on earth learning about Him. Get to know Him personally! Be in His presence today and forever!!! Follow the Savior and BE SAVED!

Jesus is worth it, people... HIS WAY, TRUTH, LIFE IS SOOOO WORTH IT!!!




© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson


  1. Thanks for sharing that!!!! I never get tired of hearing how much Jesus loves us!!!!

  2. Once again, thanks so much for sharing with us Victoria!! It's so wonderful to know that one day we will spend eternity with our Lord and Saviour if we accept him here. And it is so easy to do, I for one am glad we didn't have to purchase it for I never would have been able to. Thank you, Lord for loving me.

  3. I Witnessed The power of Jesus last night, his grace stepped in and fought the demonic spirit out of a young girls body. Victory was won, the evil spirit was sent to hell and she was restored and cleansed through our Christ Jesus. He is mighty to save, He is our Redeemer, He is our Lord, Every knee will bow down to him, every tongue will confess his name.

  4. To God be the Glory. His mercy endureth forever!


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