Tuesday, April 14, 2015

back in the day / forward in this moment

Back in the day.  Ahhh, back in the day.  Back when life was young.  Back when times were different.  Back when we felt thinner, healthier.  Back when prices were more reasonable.  Back when the world seemed safer, life seemed easier, times seemed simpler.  Back then.  Yes, back in those precious memories - in those fond, fond days of the past.  Those glorious trophies of time.  Yes, back then... ahhh, life was good, wasn't it?  Younger, sweeter, fresher, newer life.  Ahhhhhh.

Wait a minute.... really?  Is this how we are viewing the best of our LIFE?  By remembering?  By looking backward to various blessings from times past and marking them down as the most special of days?  If so, we are misguided in our thinking.  For the future is where the action is!  In fact, TODAY is where our best awaits!  Why?  Because forward in this moment is where the Savior reigns eternal!!!  It is the place He is leading us to be closer to Him.  It is why He is preparing us to advance... to move ahead... to develop us further in His Name so that we might enter the holy place He has readied for us to live full and satisfied forever!  Progressing.  Improving.  Obeying.  Believing.  We are being restored, people!  We are becoming (yes, becoming) NEW creatures in His Name!!!  WOO HOO!  Forget "back in the day".... let's look forward in this moment!

Sure, our human youthfulness may be passing by, but we are still children when it comes to God's holiness, folks.  And nearer to His holiness is where our very best awaits!  So, His Way is clearly the reward.  His narrow path is the blessing to view now and appreciate most.  HE is the focus of our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength!  Hurray!

So, as our earthly bodies continue to age and deteriorate before our very eyes, and as we reminisce over nostalgic times now past, let me assure you of God's promised future to those who believe in His Son: Our fullest LIFE is in further prominence and joyful assurance when we look forward in this moment and exclusively set our eyes on the everlasting hope and eternal reign of Jesus Christ!  His Kingdom is the ultimate blessing to recognize!  His is the distinction, the eminence, the glory, the honor, the notability, the popularity, the preeminence, the prestige!  His glory!  His grace!  His holiness!  His future.... He is the only fondness to claim!  He is the trophy... the reward of our LIFE!  Yes, HE is the New Day WHO we are to celebrate!  Forward in this moment... JESUS!  Forward in this new day... JESUS!  Ahhh yes, we thank you, Lord, for our past... but we praise you forevermore for our future in JESUS!

Friends, let us always be thankful and appreciate the good moments God has graciously blessed us with "back in the day".  But more importantly, let us use our time and efforts THIS DAY to draw all attention and focus to the Glory ahead.  Upon the Promise to be fulfilled.  Upon the ONE who is moving us into our safest, sweetest, freshest, healthiest, newest and best LIFE by the power of His beautiful, unimaginable grace and generosity.

Forward in this moment... let us rejoice!
Forward to His holiness... let us praise!
Forward to the Kingdom of the Most High God... Hallelujah!
Forward... always forward... to Jesus!!!

This... yes, THIS is that day!

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
(Psalm 118:24)



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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