Friday, January 23, 2015

just read it

For the word of the Lord is right; and all his works are done in truth. (Psalm 33:4)

There are so many themes of Women's Bibles out there.  So many new and updated translations and versions.  And it seems that these days, most Women's Bibles seem to be covered in razzleberry red and bubble gum pink pleather.  Have you noticed?  Perhaps you own one?  (I do.)

The Women's Devotional Bible.
The New Mom's Prayer Bible.
The Busy Mom's Study Bible.
The Bug Collection Bible.
The Thinline Bloom Collection Bible.
The Evidence Bible.
The Women of Faith Breast Cancer Edition Bible.
The Faithgirlz Bible.
The Everyday Life Bible.
The Everyday Matters Bible.
The Case for Christ Study Bible.
The Fire Bible.
The Life Application Bible.
The New Life Bible.
The Waterproof Bible.
The Thou Art Loosed Bible.
The Quest Study Bible (1984 Version - my favorite!)
The Woman's Sanctuary Devotional Bible.
The Archeological Study Bible.
The Hope for the Home Front Bible.
The One Year Bible.
The Parallel Bible.
The Pursuit of God Bible.
The Hugs Bible for Women.
The Aspire Bible for Women of Color.
The Beautiful Everyday Bible.
The Flora and Fauna Bible.
The Precious Princess Bible.

Then, the translations... it seems like Christian (and some non-Christian) publishers are racing each quarter to get their own set of "experts" to produce and reproduce the latest and greatest, newly-translated version of THEIR Bible.  Why?  Simple.  So they own all rights to its reproduction and use.  The NIV, The NEW NIV, The ESV, the HCSB, The NASB, The Living Bible, The Message, The Story... and so on.  (Remember the gold old fashioned King James Version with its "whilst's" and "thou's"?  Wait, isn't there a NEW KJV?  Sigh.)

Mind you, we've not even discussed the different Men's versions, the Children's versions, the Couples' versions, the Gift versions, etc. etc. etc.  Nor have we come close to the amount of actual themes and translations out there... some denominationally-specific, some gender-specific, some age-specific, some racially-specific, some even hobby-specific.  It is enough to make one's head spin!  Thank you, Mr. Marketing!

All that said, here is my point.  If you aren't reading God's Word... it really doesn't matter what box your girly-themed Bible checks.  If you aren't studying His Truth... it doesn't make a world of difference what version you may or may not prefer.  The bottom line is that we are all completely full of pretty packaging options, but starving for the real truth inside.

So today, I wanted to share  one revolutionary thought about the Bible... YOUR Bible.  (LOL... They will likely come out with the "DW Revolutionary Bible" now.  Ha ha.)  Anyway, my revolutionary thought is this, ladies... READ IT!  Read God's Word.  Study it.  Memorize it.  Know it.  Make it the life-support of your day.  Hide it in your heart.  Allow the Holy Spirit to transform you inside (your truest self) so that you may become more beautiful than any razzleberry red or bubble gum pink pleather-bound book that you might occasionally admire but normally keep un-dusted, un-opened, and un-read on your nightstand.  Just READ IT!

In fact, go read it NOW!  This blog can wait.  Facebook can wait.  Email can wait.  It ALL can wait.  God's Word is more important.  God's Word is waiting for you.  So go grab YOUR Bible and be revolutionary (involving or causing a complete or dramatic change).  Start making God's Word your first priority! Go find out what the Maker of the Universe wants you to know today.


Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. (Psalm 119:11)



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