Monday, April 21, 2014


Yesterday was Easter.  Or what I prefer to call Resurrection Sunday (omitting all pagan references).  Yesterday was the day in which Believers worldwide acknowledged the ultimate day... the ultimate triumph of our Lord Jesus Christ over sin and death. It is the most important of all Christian holidays (even more so than Christmas) because of the significance of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection upon which our Christianity is based.

So, yesterday as I logged onto the Internet and perused my usual social media websites, there were very few pages that didn't acknowledge that Christ had successfully risen. There were endless posts and acknowledgements of faith praising the Savior... the One and only Messiah who selflessly brought the gift of salvation to all mankind.  Yes, yesterday every Christian organization and Bible-believing church that I am aware of deliberately, publicly, unapologetically praised and honored Christ's Name.  We quoted God's Word.  We sang His blessings. We sent one another cards, and emails, and statements of encouraging faith.  We lived yesterday acknowledging the hope of all eternal days ahead... all because of Jesus' sacrifice.  All because He rose from the dead and conquered sin and death so that we might be with Him forever.

Yes, yesterday was Easter... Resurrection Sunday.  A holiday showcasing God's eternal love and protection for His people.  Yesterday was a beautiful gift!  But what about today?  Now that this new day has dawned, do we still claim that same victory?  Will we remain so bold, so public, about our faith?  Will we proclaim, no matter how politically correct or socially acceptable, our belief... our hope... our joy... our promised future is in His Name?  Or is that wide-spread Christian message only reserved for the Easter season?

In response, might I pose to you this encouraging truth as a new Monday morning rolls in and we each return to our regularly scheduled agendas...

Everyday, God is here - with us!
Everyday, we who claim Christ as Lord are living redeemed!
Everyday, the triumph of Jesus' death and resurrection frees us from all sin!
Everyday, we can live confidently in His victory!

Yes, victory!

Sometimes, I think we forget that.  I think it is easy to live in defeat and be bogged down by all that life throws our way.  We wade in our own man-made complications and allow our moments to be filled with self-appointed distractions and worry.  All of which Satan capitalizes upon in order to sway our vision away from Resurrection Sunday... from the salvation found only in The Lord... from the victory of Jesus.

Believers, we are free.  We belong to God.  And, we are facing our trials behind His shield so that we might trust His power, His strength, His ability, His love... so that we might lay down our old ways and become His new intended creation!  Yes, Jesus rose up from all death's muck and mire and freely gave us something better than the way of the grave.  And today, He calls us close.  He promises to never leave or forsake us.  He guides us through the thorns and reminds us that He has ordered where we step.  He is our God.  A good, loving, eternal, all-knowing Messiah that wins!  So we win!  Yes, victory!  This is the motto of our new day in Christ... of every new day!  This is why we must continue to be so bold, so public, so open about our faith!

So, be bold today, dear Christian!  Make Jesus public and share the good news of your faith.  The old is gone.  The battle is won.  The new has come.  The victory is ours!  Yes, in Christ we are His people, and we are here to proclaim His victory in every step, every breath, every stress that molds us closer into the comforting, eternal curve of His arms.

Victory in Jesus!  Victory in Jesus!  Victory in Jesus!

Do not hold back.
Do not forget.
Do not reserve your worshipping and/or acknowledging of Jesus Christ to one annual holiday.
For He is the same yesterday, today, forever!
He is victorious... our VICTORY!
He is Savior and Lord... MESSIAH HAS COME!

Yes, everyday, God is here - with us!
Everyday, we who claim Christ as Lord are living redeemed!
Everyday, the triumph of Jesus' death and resurrection frees us from all sin!
Everyday, we can live confidently in His victory!

VICTORY!  Woo Hoo!

Today, I encourage you to fully devote this new day entirely to The Lord!
And be thankful, for our God wins!

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 15:57)


(How I love the meaning of my name because of His Wonderful Name!  Thank you, Lord Jesus!)

© 2014 The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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