Monday, April 1, 2013

four little magnets

In my kitchen, the door of our icebox is covered with various sizes of magnets. We use them to post upcoming family events, announcements and reminders. They are the kind of magnets, I'm sure, that almost every home is accustom, but whose family never thinks twice about. It's a simple thing, really. They do their job... stick to the refrigerator... hold things ups.... suit their purpose.

But lately, I have taken notice to a set of four 2x2 inch magnets amongst our extensive magnet population. It's funny. I actually remember when these magnets were received as part of a gift given to Momba from my dear, Aunt Ruthie. It is likely that Ruthie thought of them as that perfect "extra something" to include with her package. She no doubt was taken with how lovely they appeared... filled with colorful, inspiring pictures and graced with uplifting statements and scripture verses. They read the following four statements:

"Shine On! The World Needs Your Beautiful Light!"
Let Your Light Shine ~Matthew 5:16

"You Can Do More Than You Can Imagine!"
I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Gives Me Strength ~Philippians 4:13

"It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint!"
Let Us Run With Perseverance The Race Set Before Us ~ Hebrews 12:1

"You Are Part Of God's Plan And Purpose!"

For Surely I Know The Plans I Have For You, Says The Lord,
To Give You A Future With Hope ~ Jeremiah 29:11

It is humbling and encouraging to think that the sum of these four magnets have defined exactly how my outlook on life should be. It's true. I have been created for God's plan. He does have a purpose for me. And above anyone else, He surely knows those plans! I can do anything imaginable with His strength. I must always have eternity in my mind... setting a consistent pace and trusting that the path ahead of me is exactly what God expected. Lastly, I need to let my light shine. I need to show others that Jesus is MY God. He is MY Savior. My light has a voice for Him!

I find it ironic that these four magnets are the most difficult magnets to remove from my refrigerator. Why?... Because their magnetization is so strong that they just won't come off without a serious struggle. Equally, I know I need to attach myself to Jesus and cling onto Him - NEVER LETTING GO! I may be one of many magnets on this icebox, but I plan to be the one magnet that hangs on and never comes off!!! No amount of struggle will separate me from the love of my Savior. I will do the job He gave me... I will stick to Him at all costs.... I will hold onto His promises... and I will suit my purpose. Just as these four magnets have encouraged me to seek God in my walk, I want to encourage others to shine their lights and keep on!

Isn't it wonderful how the Holy Spirit can use just four little kitchen magnets to keep our eyes focused on eternity? Four little magnets = BLESSINGS!

Thank you, Lord. (Smile)



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