Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Today was so much fun just hanging with our dear friends Mike and Michele who are visiting in town this week into next.  What wonderful peeps!  However, right now... everyone has retired early for bed tonight since we were all up early and have been go go go all week so far.  That said, I'm now enjoying the quiet of my home and praising the Lord for the blessing of family and friends, the bounty of food to readily eat, and the abundance of all we have to protect and clothe and entertain us.  Mostly, I'm grateful for the grace of my King, who constantly surprises me... taking care of every detail and always proving Himself madly in love with me and mine.

God is so good all the time!  I love Him.

Sweet dreams my sweeties online.
And, I love you, Jesus!



Big planning at the kitchen table. We have a whole week to catch up on our playtime!!! 
Woo hoooooo!!!

Sure, we haven't built the pool yet... but our yard is just (pause) that (pause) comfortable!

Cheesecakes!!! (Nothing more need be said... just savor the greatness!)

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