Sunday, April 12, 2020

He lives

This is the moment...
When a Carpenter repaired the broken.
When a Creator made old new.
When a King served....
And, when a Servant ruled.

This is the time...
When death posed no end.
When finite met infinite.
When less than expected brought more than enough...
And, more than deserved.

Just a few days before...
He was mocked, tortured, abused.
Yet, He still obeyed.
He still allowed.
He carried that cross.
He wore those thorns.

Then darkness consumed.
And all appeared lost.
We questioned, we cried...
Overwhelmed by the cost.

But then came this moment...
This Resurrection Day.
When the grave rolled aside.
When He showed us The Way!

Yes, now is the time...
He repairs all our brokenness.
He makes our old new.
“Come to me,” He invites all....
“Because I first loved you!”

Yes, Jesus made Himself less.
To give us more than deserved.
He is able.
He is holy.
He is Easter.
He is here.

Hallelujah... for our God lives in us, for us, and with us forevermore!!!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and Happy Easter to all who believe!

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