Saturday, August 11, 2018

resilience in the face of all adversity

This has been quite a year so far, hasn't it?  I know that for me and my family it has been a year filled with a lot of difficult lows and a few really wonderful highs.  That said, I am grateful for the many lessons the Lord continues to give.  I mostly appreciate that He teaches us by His own example.  He leads us to be more like Him... to think and behave as He instructs.  He is resilient in the face of all adversity.  He overcomes when all seems hopeless and lost.

I think it’s easy to forget that we are each in training to be more like Jesus.  We exist to glorify God with the whole of our lives.  But sinful human eyes are prone to see things differently, aren’t they?

Most of the time, we grumble - dreading what is uncomfortable and seemingly unbearable - responding to our Creator in frustration, defeat, and with questions as to why He would allow such trauma and hurt to occur in this world.  We forget that hidden in the worst hardships are opportunities in which The Spirit calls us to choose God’s well-planned path rather than navigate our own selfish “think-we-know-better” side-roads.  It is with His lens that we can visualize His peace - a truth unseen by the foolish eyes of those who continue to reject His Word.

In Christ, we are able to move joyfully, victoriously.
Outside of Christ, we are helpless, hopeless, directionless.

It’s so easy to be frustrated with all that goes wrong in life.  Health, finances, relationships, careers... so many facets exist where so many problems and temptations can trip up our steps.  But Jesus’ answer is always a healthy response of love.  Yes, in the face of trouble, our Master-Messiah waits patiently on His Father’s Word.  He prayerfully sacrifices and obeys God’s holy instruction.  He gives up Himself for The Father’s greater good plan. Note: Not even the most horrible of deaths can derail the hope of Christ’s future kingdom.  For He remains His Father’s most faithful, beloved Son with whom He is well-pleased.  And through Him, we too may claim God’s eternal inheritance and royal stature.

This magnificent love is mightier than any problem we know.  This unending love overshadows and defeats all sadness and sin.  This perfect love stains us with the cleansing blood of the Almighty - releasing us of death’s drain and freeing us to look ahead, past today’s worst, in order to claim the most satisfying destiny... a holy rebirth.  This love gives us new life to live.  His resilience sees us through all adversity.  Why?  Because His love lasts forever.  His love promises to wipe away every single tear of today.

Friends, the goal is not our own glory.
The glory is God’s!

The purpose is not our own comfort and easement.
The purpose is His kingdom, His righteousness.

Trust the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
Why?  Because He is faithful.
He will give you the desires of your heart.
He has great plans and a future for you.
So believe Him.
He will see you through!
Remember, His love is our resilience in the face of all adversity!



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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