Tuesday, May 15, 2018

when a woman loves

What happens when a woman loves?  Men stand taller.  Children feel more assured and confident.  Parents beam with pride.  People feel welcome.  Yes, it is the gift of hospitality... reception... sufficiency... satisfaction.  That is what our love produces.

I have noticed that when women choose to give of themselves with their whole heart, things change... lives change!  Why is this?  What is it about a woman that so drastically influences the anxiety, the tone, the easement, and the attitudes of others?  I think it is our God-given role.  Who we were created to be.  What we are intended to accomplish.  You see, we were made to complete mankind.  We were made to be a suitable partner.  Someone becoming.  Someone befitting.  Someone created to be competent, capable, and compatible with man.  Someone who encourages fullness, harmony and unity within the family of humanity.  That is our role.  (Did you know that?)

What happens when a woman loves?  We represent the heart and intentions of a perfect Creator - the Almighty God - finishing His good creation.  His image, whom we were originally fashioned after, was taken directly from the first man so that we might share a unique partnership of life together... one flesh complimenting each other as we physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually enjoy the glory of our Maker.  As such, we were created to jointly and successfully fill and subdue the earth God constructed for us. What exactly does that mean?  It means we are to respect this planet while utilizing it's gifts.  It means we are to cultivate and care for our family.  It means we are to humbly govern and supervise all that we have and know.  It means we are to wisely care for every living plant and creature because of the glorious Name of the One we joyfully live to worship.

Are we living this way?
Are we wisely caring for each other?
Are we extending the gift of "welcome"?
Or are we abusing our role?

What happens when a woman loves?  Beauty is seen and known.  Seeds are sown and territories increase.  Warmth and affection flourishes.  Spirits soar high.  Confidence grows.  Care is generated.  Work is accomplished eagerly and is profitable.  Compassion extends beyond borders.  Integrity, respect, strength, and dignity are produced. Wisdom is appreciated.  Faithfulness is extended.  Benefits hail.  Nobility is praised and esteemed.  Life is just better....  flowing... blessed... fruitful.

What happens when a woman loves?

Why not choose today to love, and let's find out?  Why not adopt and share the heart and intention of our perfect Creator so that He might further be exalted and glorified through us?  He is whom we were made to represent and obey.  He is the reason to love love LOVE!!!

"No matter if we are single or married, working, in school, moms, sisters, aunts, daughters, grandmothers, whatever... Each woman represents the 'heart' of her family and thus holds a tremendous power and responsibility in this world to set a godly tone of encouragement while motivating others to seek and glorify Jesus.  This is the whole concept behind DW.  The Devoted Woman is for every Christian woman who makes that daily decision to live TODAY for Jesus Christ... choosing to love God and love others with everything she's got!"  (Victoria Anderson)

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments. (Deuteronomy 7:9)



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson


  1. beautiful blog! fantastic words.

  2. I like that you stated " no matter single or married" women are the "heart " of their family. I found your blog by accident ( or was it ) and love your messages. Thank you for inspiring me with your beautifully powered words. Hugs from Canada.


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