Sunday, September 3, 2017

love & service

Early Sunday 9/3/17: Today my older brother of two years turns fifty. Phew, fifty. When I really think about that I'm amazed. Amazed that we are both getting so old, and amazed that we are both still so very very young. 
On one hand, life has lasted too long for me. You see, I always thought I'd die before my forties. I can't say why. It was just something I always thought since I was small. And in a way, I did die a little. Because since turning forty and making it through some major accidents and health scares, the residual chronic pain and frustrations it all brings has made my once huge world continually get smaller and smaller. Sometimes in depression I ask God, why? Why not just take me rather than have me suffer like this? Why make me a nuisance to those I hold dear. What more is there that I could possibly do? What more could this life hold for me? 

It is usually then that God reminds me that He alone knows the plans for me. That every breath I take actually belongs to Him. Every step ordained by His will. And mostly that my focus should be directed outward toward loving and serving rather than viewed inward at life and self. For an abundant life cannot be had if we do not first know and share His love. Self cannot be satisfied without first understanding the necessity of His glorious service. Yes, how young I truly am compared to His grand omniscience. How small my age seems compared to the presence of The Ageless Almighty. 

This is where I ponder on my big, brother's 50th. Here is where I sit quietly - early... before the doors of my Church officially open and invite me in to worship, to give thanks, to take communion beside my other spiritual siblings. Oh, God is so good. How many of my brothers and sisters have blessed me this difficult week. How important each of our gifts are to benefit and help one another. How valuable and powerful we are equipped to stand under the authority and grace of The Master's wise counsel.

Yes, this last week has taxed us all in one way or another. And yet, soon we are blessed to pause together in congregation, praising the One who promises to see us through all adversity and trouble. The One who brings with Him lasting peace and salvation. The One with whom I truly love to live for... whom I have surrendered my broken self to serve.

Blessed Sunday to all who believe in The Lord. Let me encourage you to get yourselves to church with your families... to worship alongside your eternal family! May we each draw close and abide in His Word together, pausing from the many storms, and celebrating this precious moment to live full and with hope toward our future!

Much love!!! ❤️

Ps... Happy Birthday Big Brother! I love you!!! 

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