Wednesday, September 28, 2016

for Chuck

Twenty years of marriage.
It is a milestone.
Something to be joyfully celebrated.
A place of honor that showcases the significance of our Creator's covenant.

Twenty years of moments.
It is a monument, a family legacy.
A deep, refreshing well of life happenings and communion.
A scrapbook of joy, trials, time, togetherness...
Collages of grace entwined with every God-gifted breath.

Twenty years of movement.
Not only a milestone, but a mile marker.
A traveler's pin to map our progress.
A motivation to finish this race united and strongly saturated in our Savior's truth.

Twenty years of ministry.
It is a purposeful commitment of servanthood housed in our Redeemer's love, honor, respect, discipline.
Living humbly as advocates and not enemies.
Daily offering ourselves in full submission; under the guidance of our Shepherd's faith, trust, integrity, strength, and holiness.

Twenty years of marriage.
Twenty years with YOU, my love, my partner, my leader, my God-appointed husband and soul mate, my head of household, my best and most cherished friend, my romance, my home.
I am so blessed to be your bride.
I am eternally grateful for the gentleman you are.
I am elated to move forward, hand-in-hand, sharing the oneness of our heart beyond the boundaries of this time and space.

This is the day that the Lord has made for us!
Let us rejoice and be glad in His endless blessings and our hope-filled eternity!
Let us love one another... forever... in Jesus' Name!

Happy Anniversary, my sweet Chuck.

I love you.



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