Sunday, July 31, 2016

this busy, busy life

There is a lot going on.
Really, there is always a lot going on.
But this week is especially busy.
This week, in addition to some of my own health and personal matters, I am attending to a sick spouse, a mother who is going in for knee surgery, an elderly dog with severe allergy issues, etc. etc. etc.
There are medicines to be dispersed.
There are doctors and veterinarians and physical therapists to consult.
There are matters to attend to.
Food shopping.
House keeping.
Bill paying.
Orders to fulfill in my small business.
Appointments to schedule.

But too often when life gets this hectic, I forget.
I forget that my Master is with me and most important.
I forget that my Savior is close; His Spirit alive within.

Too often I become overwhelmed and default into my own hurried ritual of what I can accomplish...
I can clean.
I can organize.
I can cook.
I can nurture.
And, while all these abilities are good, they mean nothing if I loose sight of my King's loving presence.
For God is more concerned with who I am becoming than what I am capable of doing.
You see, no matter what chaos may come, I have missed the whole point if I fail to thank Jesus for His many, many gifts.
I have foolishly wasted my time, if I do not first seek after His peace and promises.

So, as this new week dawns...
This busy, busy week with so much going on...
Lord Jesus, I lift up my eyes to your Throne.
I seek first your beautiful Light.
I pray that my walk remains straightforward along your path.
And I ask that you use every word I speak for good.
Attend to my thoughts and keep my focus.
Afford me your wisdom and a frequency to recall your healing Word in every moment, every breath, every opportunity that you have ordained.
Move me, Lord Jesus, at your speed, at your pace...
So that I might observe and react to this hectic world through your lens of love and grace.

For there is a lot going on.
There is always a lot going on.
And in these moments,
These precious moments that you have prepared for me to become more like You...
Dear Master, remain in me.
Root your everlasting truth around me and deeply ground my heart inside your holiness.
You are my Cornerstone.
You are my Constant.
You are my Vine, my Bread, my EVERYTHING!
You are all that matters in this life...
This busy, busy Life.

Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)




© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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