Thursday, July 28, 2016

in between

The in between.
The journey.
The time along each road I travel.
Not the start, nor the finish.
Just that space and pace of walking, waiting, hoping, creating...
This is where I seem to find God most.
This is where His Spirit waits for the whole of my heart.
And honestly, it used to really annoy me.
It used to rub me wrong.
For I wanted the destination.
I was impatient for immediate answers.
Yes, often the race seemed so much more taxing to endure than the splendor and glory awaiting every finish line.
But finish lines are not always the pinnacle of God's magnificent style.
He knows what is to come.
He has accounted for every moment.
And honestly, our most genuine prayers to know Him are rarely spoken at the finish line.

Instead, I believe God desires for us to embrace the precious in between moments.
When we travel closely and dependently alongside Him.
Here, He encourages us to forgo our stress, our aches, our worry, our uncertainty...
Trusting Him through the worst of storms.
Getting to know His big heart and cherish His perfect companionship.
Believing His promises.
Allowing Him to carry us... 
To romantically drape his robe over every puddle we must cross...
To be so engulfed in His beauty and presence that everything else (even that glorious finish line) seems secondary to the now, the new of Him... today.

Yes, God will work everything out in His holy timing.
But right now, I simply desire to be close to Him in this in between.
Here is where He teaches me intimacy, courage, obedience, faith, love.
And isn't this the purpose of my life...
To love Him.
To love Him now.
To love Him closely through panic, and sin, and darkness...
To love Jesus, wherever we are, and to obey His wise shepherding.
To want only Him.
To be exclusively devoted to Him.
To relax, and trust, and let our battered souls be restored in His graciousness.
Yes, I am so thankful that God is teaching me His eternal lesson of contentment.
For He is faithful.

Here, in between my past and His future, I am learning to enjoy His healthy, life-giving companionship.
I am grateful for His holy insight which expands my vision and centers my focus to the now...
To today.
So, I can look past Satan's flashy billboards of trouble and despair.
I can file away my own expectations and surrender my immature ways.
I can be still.
I can know, right now, that He is my greatest Love.  
He is my truest Friend.
He is my Comforter.
He is my Strength.
He is my Hope and Joy.
He will never, ever, leave or forsake me.
He is with me always.
He is my God.
He is.
Hallelujah... that's all I need to know.

Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you so much for this new moment in Your presence.
I love you, Lord...
You are my very best and most beloved Friend!
Stay close and reveal Your Holy through every in between!!!

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:14)



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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