Saturday, June 4, 2016


"Sing, O barren woman..." (Isaiah 54)

There are times in life when we feel barren. Times when we feel afraid, disgraced, humiliated, shamed and alone. Our prayers feel lifeless. Our faith seems weak. Like drooping flowers in the hot sun who have not received a drink of water, we require a refreshing shower. When we find ourselves in such a condition, what are we to do?

"Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters..." (See Isaiah 55)

My advice is the same advice as Isaiah's... SING! Sing praises to the Lord!

Read all of Isaiah 54. The whole passage addresses us in our worst possible state... barren and rejected. And yet, in the very first verse, we are told as barren women to SING... to burst into song and shout for joy. When we are at the depths of barrenness and love feels cold in our lives, how can we sing? And when we are at our most low point, what on earth can we sing about?

My answer to you is this... sing about Jesus. Pop in a great cd and sing of His unmatched love and redemption. Go to the cross. Take your heavy laden soul and go directly to Calvary. Do not hesitate... just SING! The very cross where Jesus gave you eternal life to be with Him forever is what you should sing about.... focus on that hope! In song, magnify the great love of Christ and what He has already done to save you from sin and death. In times of desolation, poverty, helplessness, shame... return to Him in song.

For if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, you are always His child. Even if you feel barren on this earth, you have the confidence that He is faithful to save you from all transgression. Sing, believer, for it will cheer your heart... and the hearts of others who also feel desolate and alone. Go to the only true Comforter. Sing on and on and on to Him.

You CAN sing because He promises eternal restoration to Him. In His presence, we will be fruitful! For, no weapon forged against you will prevail! Kings and kingdoms will bow down to Him. Heaven and earth will adore Him because He IS the love that frees us!

Right now, life may seem barren, but the promise to be in the presence of our Lord is nothing short of delightful. So, use your current state of poverty as a means to drive you further to the feet of the Holy Christ. That is where we need to be anyway.

Sing! Sing to Him and praise His Name! FOREVER! For in Him there is eternal hope!


~Victoria (LAAAAA!)

© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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