Wednesday, March 30, 2016

time is finite. Jesus is not.

Time is finite. We are subject to limitation and condition. As such, on our own we are not completely free. For death always looms. It's evidence openly exists and frequently reminds us that every life on Earth is temporary. No matter how much we dislike it... no matter how many ways we may deny or attempt to ignore it, our reality, our truth is that we are bound to the space in which we have been placed. We are limited to the moments that confine our health and our breaths. And as a result, it is logical for us to become accustom to trusting and clinging to only what we can see and prove scientifically - the planetary laws and traditions of nature... 1+1=2, if you will. Simply put, the universal truths of mankind confirm that every man, woman and child's human life is circumscribed. Moments are, well... momentary. Days are numbered, and many of us can't see past our own selves because of it.

Yes, time is finite. But here's something interesting... Jesus is not. Jesus is eternal. Jesus is God. The Bible says, Jesus was. Jesus is. And, Jesus is to come. He is both now and forever. In fact, Jesus already proved His authority and position over this limited planet by changing our equations. He changed what was our known natural into events showcasing His supernatural. Just check out every word spoken and every miracle Christ performed throughout documented scriptural account. He lived, and died, and lived again. Who does that? He healed and restored what we could not. He bountifully fed thousands with a mere child's lunch. He celebrated marriage by turning water into a glorious wine. He caused the blind to see, the cripple to walk, the paralyzed and withered to rejoice in full health. He walked on water, silenced storms, and changed death into life. Yes, with Jesus, mankind witnessed positive, miraculous change. Change that we still write about today. Change that highlighted His infinite rather than our finite. Furthermore, Jesus personally taught us about freedom, eternity, love, holiness. Concepts we all hope and dream about, but couldn't possibly grasp or obtain without His wisdom or help.

And stranger than all these things, Jesus Eternal says that we, mere men, were originally created for a specific purpose in His bigger, better plan. As we marvel over such a concept, He continues by lovingly inviting us to re-learn what we know... to follow Him outside the box... to walk away from our sinful, natural path and wholeheartedly follow Him down a narrower, more gratifying and eternal path of life - - in the company of Eternal LOVE.

Indeed, today we live in human shells surrounded by the confining walls of this atmosphere.  But in Christ we are promised so much more!!!  Sovereign God has offered up a new feast!!! His special, holy bread and wine has been served so that we might partake and become new creatures... by the blood of the One who offered His life in love so that He might save and restore what we could not.  He has come, people.  He lived, and died, and lives again!  And He promised that He would return again to escort those who love Him into the eternal and forever. Finite will become infinite in Christ!  WOW! This is something grander than time and space... this is news bigger than all life and death!  Yes, Jesus invites us to be ready and come... to prepare ourselves daily to live in His holiness, His Way. For we were made to glorify the Giver rather than obsess over His gifts. We were meant for more rather than be subject to worldly limitation and condition.  Believe Jesus, and become free.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.  (Revelation 1:8)

Time is finite.  Jesus is not.



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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