Friday, February 5, 2016

the importance of creativity

I've been taking time out every day this week to appreciate small items collected throughout my home.  Pieces that I enjoy.  Sure, they are just things.  And in the grand scheme of life, worldly treasures do not matter.  But in this hectic day and age where we are bombarded with messages to have the latest and greatest... to buy more more more... to seek out the new and improved, I find it refreshing to pause and be grateful for the creative tidbits God has allowed me to snag and hold onto along the way.

I have this rule, you see.  I really don't need a lot of stuff.  I don't need to live in a huge mansion or drive fancy-schmancy vehicles.  I don't need the most up-to-date technology or the latest designer bag covered in fringe.  No, I don't need a house cluttered full of things I don't even care about.  Instead, I like to keep things simple.   So, what I do have... what I spent my money and/or time obtaining, well, I want to fully and completely enjoy.  I want to smile and be thankful when I walk through every room of my home.

This morning, my eye was drawn to a few vintage cameras I have on display in our living room.  Each I found at a past garage sale, resale shop, flea market, etc.  Each has a former life of photo taking, I'm sure.  Regardless, I really love just looking at these beautiful cameras.  So, when we moved to Texas a few years back, I decided that I would display them somewhere in our new home in a Pottery Barn'esque type of grouping.  And why not?  After all, between my older iPhone camera that's still chugging away and the modern digital camera that the Hubs bought me one Christmas, it is probable that I will never again use these film cameras to take photographs.

Anyway, today I decided to look at my camera collection.  I mean, really notice and study them - like you'd study an exhibit at the museum.  And with each camera... reviewing each of their unique quirks and remembering their specific "ways" of capturing an image, I found myself smiling more and more.  The enjoyment of their existence made me want to become more creative - to share more of myself with the rest of the world.  And this got me thinking about how important creativity is to all of us.

For we come from a creative Creator.  We come from a God who surrounds us with eye-catching reminders of His splendor.  But we must look.  We must observe.  We must take the time to surround ourselves with His uniquely refreshing patterns and know His intricate details.  For if we don't... if we harden our hearts from His grace and become cynically, selfishly nearsighted from the fascinating world around us, how will we ever truly notice the amusing snapshots, the architectural details, or the splendorous sunsets that highlight our Creators unmistakeable presence?  We must always allow His goodness to penetrate our thirst for hope and order.  We must always be seeking Him.  For the beautiful love of Jesus can be seen if we truly look.  His purpose and perfection in all things created was made and ordained to be recognized and appreciated.  

But we must always, consistently look.  We must notice our Savior's existence so that we can strive to become more like Him ourselves.  His is the image of pure holiness.  He is the One whom we are called to capture and display before the rest of the world.  For there are others who are searching, seeking, looking for His creativity.  There are others who will benefit from the specific gifts He has modeled within us for the purpose of glorifying His Name.

Sure, there is a lot of clutter out there.  There are a lot of new ideas, new promises, new ways of doing things.  But the truth of the matter is this: no greater joy may be found than that of the Ancient of Days... the Lord God Almighty!  May we appreciate His love in every atom, every microbe, every leaf, every puppy, every raindrop, every shooting star, every tidbit snagged in this short lifetime.  Let us live with His purpose... grateful, hopeful, creative, and with our eyes open to notice the Lord each and every day.

In the beginning God created... (Genesis 1:1)

Hallelujah to the King of kings!



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