Thursday, February 18, 2016


Simple, honest prayer.
Communication with God.
Requests to the Throne.
Sometimes, it seems such a small thing for us to do.
Sometimes, it seems so insignificant, so one-sided, so empty.
After all, is God really listening?
Does God really care about our needs amongst the many other urgencies covering this universe?
Does this moment of humility really matter in His grand scheme... in His total plan for all humanity?

Quiet, restorative prayer.
Petitions to the Maker of all things.
Asking for God's ultimate peace and love.
And how great is His love?
How magnificent is His mighty hand?
Clearly, every leaf applauds His creation in each Autumn breeze that passes.
His evidence is extreme and apparent - so surely He is indeed here.
Yes, He has promised to be here... walking beside us... guiding our every step.

But will we listen for His answers?
Will we seek after His Way pertaining to each request asked?
Will we know His Word and make His plan our own?
Will we trust His promises and bank solely on His hope - no matter what?
No matter what...

Desperate words requesting God's good for us.
Seeking His vision while hoping for more of His presence.
What can be accomplished by these softly spoken breaths of desire?
What can be achieved in our pursuit of this extraordinary King?
Let us meditate in His Word for answers today, Believer.
Let us stand firmly together, devoted in our faith, and secure in the One who redeems.

Yes, Jesus... we come... we submit... we pray for more of YOU!
You are our only prayer, dear Lord!
For Your righteousness is all we need!
YOU are all we need!
Blessed be Your Name in every prayer we speak!

For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer. (1 Peter 10:12a)



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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