Tuesday, January 19, 2016

today... roar!

Today so much is going on... so much weight is upon me.
Today, I am torn between empowerment and helplessness.
For in my head, "I am woman! Hear me roar!"
But in my heart, oh Lord, I am beaten down.
I am weakened by fear, and troubled by earthly disappointment and expectation.

Today, outwardly I appear fine. But you know how deeply I am shaken.
I am fragile... broken... barren... helpless.
I am bogged down and my vision is clouded with earthly details.
Today, there is too much and too little...
Too much to think about. Too little that I can control.
Today, it is clear that "I" am more than I can handle.
Today, this world is bigger than I can manage on my own.

And yet, today...
This is the day.
You tell me this is THE DAY to rejoice and be glad.
Why? Because YOU are my God.
Thankfully, in Jesus Name, YOU have promised me peace and health and life and freedom and love.
(And oh, how I love YOUR love.)

When I consider all this, indeed, I can rejoice in YOUR truth.
I am certain that what you say is accurate, unchanging, eternal.
You have proven your headship and your hope is apparent!
So, rejoice... be glad... Yes, I can. I will. I must!
For you alone are worthy of this honor.
You alone are worthy of my praise.
You alone are strong enough to rule as KING!

Today, I do trust that you've got me covered.
Today, I do believe I am new in YOUR grace.
Still in my effort to praise, how quickly my feet can sink...
How easily my eyes can lose focus.
For logically, I know I cannot walk on water.
It is not reasonable. It is not scientifically possible. It is not human.
Yet, here you are - inviting me to step forward in faith.
You are eager to show me that anything is possible in YOUR Name!
For you are not limited by human reason, science, or even boundaries.
YOU are God! My God!
And you alone have offered to prevent my drowning by extending out your heroic hand so that I will not sink.
You patiently allow me to regroup and instruct me to fixate my eyes on you alone.
And when I do take notice, I am reminded how truly beautiful you are, dear Savior.

So, yes... with your help, I will fixate, abide, trust, rejoice and focus...
Today, I will proceed forward YOUR WAY.
A WAY higher than my own.
A WAY insuring me victory!

Yes, today I choose to believe.
And today, Lord, please help me believe.
Strengthen my faith and carry my yoke.
Guide me through these turbulent storms.
I trust YOU and wish to always follow My Shepherd's call.

So, continue to lead me to safety...
Lead me outside my own will.
Introduce me once again to your holy place.
And let me walk wisely, fully, relaxed, renewed.... intimately embraced within the safety of your loving, protective arms.

Today, I am yours, dear Jesus.
Use this little lamb as you see fit.

Today... for your glory!
Today... for your kingdom!
Today... I will rejoice and be glad!
Today is THE DAY!
Today is YOUR WAY!

Today, my dear Master... may YOUR ROAR be heard!
And today, my precious Redeemer... may my roar be YOURS!

Ladies, no matter what is going on in your life - this is the day to proclaim Jesus is LORD!!! All hail the power of Jesus Name and allow Him to rule your life this day!

Consider this: How will you live and WHO will you give TODAY?



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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