Thursday, January 14, 2016

more than us

While there is no debating that there are many over-the-top, self indulgent fanatics out there who falsely claim the Name of Jesus (and several wanna-be deities and gods) for their own "spiritually" misguided purposes, it is most difficult for me to be mass-labeled and grouped alongside them as some kind of "crazy" person whenever I speak about my life-changing decision to believe that Jesus is the One, true Messiah.  What exactly makes me crazy?  I simply have chosen to believe that Someone (Jesus) did what He said He would do.  Mind you, I realize that the "something" He accomplished remains undeniably impossible for the rest of us to achieve, but that monumental detail does not sway me from my decision.  In fact, from my perspective, it only strengthens His credibility alongside the first-hand testimonies of those who witnessed His miracles and later saw the proof of His resurrection, thus further acknowledging Him as the Son of God.

For why would I claim a Christ who isn't more than myself... or who isn't more than any of us?  Why would I believe in a Redeemer who wasn't able to follow-through with what I desperately needed in order to be redeemed?  That wouldn't make any sense, would it?  For there can be no salvation if there is no Savior.  So, without this specific Someone (Jesus) doing that extraordinary, impossible something He said He would do, all I'm left with are great men of history who are well... still only finite men.  Alas, even the greatest of mankind cannot save me from sin and death.  No, clearly there is no debate (or eternal hope) there.  For all of mankind is corrupt and unholy.  There is no denying that all men have sinned, and thus, will ultimately, humanly, die.  So, clearly men cannot do what Jesus did.  Men cannot save me.  Rather, finite men pass away and are ultimately forgotten. But Jesus cannot be outlived or forgotten.  He is not finite, but infinite.  He is more than us.  He is better.  He is holy.  He is eternal.  He is love AND He lives.

He (Jesus) is God.

So, I think it is appropriate to frequently share exactly what I believe about Him.
For He is the One more than me... the One who has proven Himself greater than any of us:
  • I believe that God Almighty is the ultimate authority over all the universe.
  • I also believe that God's Word is infallible, unchanging, and made available to those who truly seek Him.  
  • I believe that Jesus represents God in human flesh and that His Holy Spirit actively lives in the hearts of His people.  
  • I believe that The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are co-equal and co-eternal God.  
  • I believe that without the generous act of Jesus to sacrificially die on my behalf, I would be broken forever because without the gift of God's forgiveness, my inherent corruption and sin would insure me eternal death and separation from His perfection.
  • I believe all mankind has sinned and needs to be forgiven by God... that there is no one righteous person except Jesus, the Messiah.
  • I believe that God loves people and longs to be with each of us.
  • I believe that God cannot tolerate mankind's sinfulness because He is holy.
  • I believe, that God sent Jesus (His Son) as the only solution for our sin problem.
  • I believe that Jesus sacrificially chose to die on the cross for me, after living a sinless life, in order to take on the punishment and burden of my sin and save me from eternal death and separation from His presence.  
  • Most importantly, I believe that Jesus overcame death by rising up from the grave and living again.  
  • I believe that Jesus is alive today in Heaven, preparing a place for me and all others who believe He is the Messiah.
  • I believe that Jesus has the only authority to forgive me of my sin and transform my life forever.
  • I believe that His salvation is a gift of God's grace.
  • I believe that ANYONE who chooses to accept and follow Jesus will find His new holy life and infinite love to be better than the old corrupt and broken ways of this sinful world.
  • Furthermore, as a follower of Jesus, I believe that nothing can ever separate me from God's love because I have chosen to receive His eternal covenant in His Son's Name.  Much like a bride would accept the proposal and name of her new groom, I have taken on the eternal Name of my beautiful, sweet Jesus and have chosen His new Way of life as my own!  I am now part of God's family forever and cannot be lost away from Him because Jesus overcame my sin and death on the cross!  I am His, and He is mine.
  • With Jesus' supportive Word and ongoing help, I choose to live my life loving God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  I choose to reflect the love and holiness of Jesus Christ to all the world.  I choose to share with as many people as I am able the good news of His eternal kingdom by sharing the gospel of Someone (Jesus) who did what He said He would do.

Yes, Jesus is definitely more than us.  He is better.  He is eternal.  He is extraordinary, and memorable, and holy.  In short, I think it is absolutely crazy for someone not to believe in Jesus the Messiah!  Don't you?

Thank the Lord, He is risen and ready to save ALL men!  How I pray that we would each choose to follow His love and share His Way with anyone still in need of receiving God's promised, holy heritage.  What a wonderful new life is available in Christ - an intimate, eternal relationship with the God who made us and loves us unconditionally!

Yes, I choose to believe in Jesus.
I believe that He is God.
I believe that He is the only Messiah.
I love Him with all my heart, and I am thankful that He accomplished what I could not.
Praise God, He is more than me.
He did what He said He would do.

He lives.  He redeems.  He loves... forever!  He is Lord of all!  He is Messiah and King of kings!

Come!  Believe Jesus, and be saved by the One, true Savior!!!



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