Tuesday, January 6, 2015

impress or refresh?

How much effort do you exert to IMPRESS others?
Instead, why not use your energy to REFRESH those you encounter with the good news of JESUS?
Forget about gaining your own spotlight.
Rather, determine to showcase the Savior's LOVE by reaching out and uplifting every person God puts in your path!
Become a living testimony of His grace!
Share His good news!
Why? Because His love never fails.

Yes, God's Way will always be more memorable, more hospitable, and more worthwhile than our own.
So, stop pushing selfishness and consider your motives.
You don't need to impress anyone.
God's got that covered.
HE is impressive.
All you need to do is REFRESH others by sharing His LOVE!
Be His hands and feet... expose the loving heart of your King!

Yes, this is the day to be kind and LOVE one another.
Choose to LOVE like Jesus, who first loved each of us!

How wonderfully impressive is the Savior!
How refreshing is His eternal message of LOVE!
All praise and glory is His!
Hallelujah to the King!
Let us honor and serve one another in His perfect, eternal Name!



© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson

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