Wednesday, December 25, 2013

this, this is JESUS!

This morning.
This time to love.
This choice to get up and share our open hearts with one another.
To spend time caring, giving, laughing together.
This moment to generate warmth, acceptance, hope.
This new day to rejoice - no matter the state of our government, our bank accounts, our immediate future.
This, this is JESUS!
This is home.
This is a taste of His kingdom... on earth, as it is in Heaven.
This is His good!
This is what He calls us to know and share each day in His Name...
To love, in honor of His eternal LOVE.
This is a taste of His LIFE to the fullest!
A portion of His most generous offering that we too can share and offer again and again to all whom we encounter.
This "good" is what he regularly calls us to treasure the very most.
Yes... this, this is JESUS!
The One who came into this world, our broken world, to bring healing peace, hope, love.
The One who brings with Him real joy.
The One who died so that we might live!
The One who adopts, renews, and rewards those who seek Him.
For He is here to be found.
He is ready to bless.
He is waiting...
So, if you love this morning, this day, this Christmas...
Won't you love this Christ?
For this, this is JESUS!

Merry Christmas!!!

~Victoria Anderson

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