Friday, December 6, 2013

Haiti: praying for those God has put before me (part 5)

Beautiful Haiti countryside.
In 2011, I visited The Apparent Project in Haiti. While there, I was tasked to help out AP's efforts by taking photos of their newer Haitian artisans. My job was to take each person's picture and interview them through a local Creole interpreter - learning about their individual lives and then recording it in a few short sentences.  Can you imagine summarizing someone's life in a few short sentences?  It was difficult, but it was important.  For these sentences would later be put onto tags that would be attached to each artist's work, giving them credit for future sales.

Even while performing this duty, I knew that the Lord had put these specific people before me to pray for on a regular basis.  You see, many (if not all) whom I met had lost loved ones in the recent earthquake that occurred in Port au Prince. Many were living in tents (or worse) with no plumbing and no fresh water.
A cutie patootie playing at AP.

Anyway, as Christmas approaches, I felt it was important to share my Haitian photos so that you too may pray in tandem with me for Haiti's people.  Because of this, today and tomorrow, I decided to post the remaining pictures I took in Haiti so you can visually experience what I saw while visiting there.  The conditions were tragic, to say the least.  Poverty is abundant just about everywhere you go in Port au Prince.  Yet, God is still there and loves people!

Please take a moment to really review each photo and consider how you would handle living in such conditions.  Then, remember that Jesus commands us to help those in such need.  Let's always remember to love, pray for, and support every person God has put before us!

Thanks peeps.

Love love love in JESUS' name!!!


This is the Haitian equivalent to our White House.
It was the presidents palace, but the earthquake clearly made it inhabitable.
Here is the other side of the President's palace.
Workers are in the process of trying to restore this building, but I'm not sure it is structurally salvageable.
At one time, this was a grand church in downtown Port au Prince.
However, you can see how devastating the earthquake hit.
Markets on one side of street.
Note: The air smells like feces everywhere.
More rubble and garbage... it's just everywhere.
People don't have bathrooms, so many will just go in the streets. It's so sad.
Man on mule.  It might actually be faster than a car since the roads are so bad.
An apartment building that had collapsed in the quake.
More rubble.
Tap taps (taxis).
More of the church in ruins.
Beams hanging on by a thread.
We were all trying to speculate where the boulder must have fallen from during the quake.
This was just an ominous experience. 
Pieces of stained glass from the church windows.

Tent cities in downtown Pot au Prince.
Can you imagine living like this?
An average day in Haiti.  They struggle to sell anything just to feed their families.
Downtown Port au Prince.  One year - post earthquake.
Here is a "house" made of metal pieces. It must feel like an oven in there during the day. Ugh.
These roads are really a challenge to drive on.
Someone's home... doing laundry.
Want to help my friends in Haiti?  Visit: The Apparent Project.



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