Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Haiti: praying for those God has put before me (part 2)

In 2011, I visited The Apparent Project in Haiti. While there, I was tasked to help out AP's efforts by taking photos of their newer Haitian artisans. My job was to take each person's picture and interview them through a local Creole interpreter - learning about their individual lives and then recording it in a few short sentences.  Can you imagine summarizing someone's life in a few short sentences?  It was difficult, but it was important.  For these sentences would later be put onto tags that would be attached to each artist's work, giving them credit for future sales.

Even while performing this duty, I knew that the Lord had put these specific people before me to pray for on a regular basis.  You see, many (if not all) whom I met had lost loved ones in the recent earthquake that occurred in Port au Prince. Many were living in tents (or worse) with no plumbing and no fresh water.

Anyway, as Christmas approaches, I felt it was important to share my Haitian photos and the brief stories I documented with hopes that you too may pray in tandem with me for these individuals.  So, for the next few days, I will be posting my pictures and the few sentences I recorded about the lives of my Haitian friends.

I hope that you will look into the beautiful eyes of each of these hard working individuals and consider their hopes, their dreams, their future.  I hope that you will join me in prayer and ask the Creator of every soul to bless abundantly and meet every individual need today, and into the New Year.

Thanks peeps.

Love love love in JESUS' name!!!


This is Erick.  Erick lost his father and two brothers in the earthquake. He would love to earn enough money to support his mother and remaining brothers and sisters as well as return to school. He is 19 years old.


This is Esaie.  Esaie is 24 years old and lives with seven family members. Esaie would love to earn enough money to finish school and become an Accountant.


This is Leger.  Leger has twins and a 3 year old child. He lives in a tent with his wife and kids. He is very active in his church and would love to make enough money to buy his family a home to live in.


This is Sainnelier.  Sainnelier lives in a house covered with a tarp roof. He has a wife and three children (ages 7, 10, and 14). He would love to make enough money to purchase land to better support his family.


This is Trazil.  Trazil is 16 years old and has no parents. His mother got sick and died so he is now living in a tent with his aunt. He would love to make enough money to go to school.

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