Saturday, November 23, 2013

here & now

A while back, I had plans to meet a friend for lunch who was visiting from out of town. I hadn't seen this particular person for about a year and was very excited to catchup on all the "haps" of his life. He had flown in to photograph a client in the city, and our plan was to meet afterward to enjoy a nice lunch downtown.

Now, in order for me to get downtown from the suburb I live in, I can commute one of two ways: (1) take public transportation, or (2) drive myself. Because Chuck and Momba were both planning on joining me for this lunch, we decided to all drive together. Momba offered to chauffeur while Chuck worked over the phone, and I tried to write on my laptop. But I couldn't write. I couldn't focus. I couldn't relax. For, I was simply too wound up. Why? Because not only were we in a huge hurry to get downtown (we were running late)... but also, everyone else seemed to be in a huge hurry too! It was as if our vehicle was surrounded by Nascar wanna-be's rushing rushing rushing on the expressway. People were driving like mobile maniacs and, frankly, it was freaking me out! By the time a little white Toyota almost collided with us at speeds of 80+ miles per hour, I had about vomited up my internal organs from the sheer anxiety of it all. (Doesn't it bother anyone else how fast and close and crazy people thoughtlessly drive?)

Needless to say, I wasn't at peace. The psychotic drivers all around me, coupled with my own stress to get to our destination in a timely manner, kept me from praising God for the glorious sunshine, the blessing of paved roads, the joy of owning a vehicle to travel long distances, the time alone with my family, etc. No, my focus was elsewhere - in a panic!  I was busy being distressed, worried, and tense. Yes, I had real apprehension about being late for lunch, and was uneasy about my family's safety on the busy roads.  In short, I was stressing over things I had no control over.  Valid stresses for valid reasons, mind you.  But stresses that I had improperly permitted to redirect my attention away from trusting God's sovereign control.

Then... I turned my head and looked out the passenger-side window...

There, spread out before me where fluffy, white cumulus clouds slowly moving across a big blue sky. Their pace was mellow. Their placement was artistic. Over the landscape of many suburbs they hovered - slowly making their way from point A to point B. Quietly advancing. Powerfully transporting unthinkable amounts of water over the earth. One day in the near future, God would use these cotton-like beauties to shower and replenish the land. One day, the Creator would order the wind to bring them to a specific destination at an ordained time to accomplish what they were made to do... to fulfill His plan.

I turned my head and really looked and noticed these gorgeous clouds. Quiet. Peaceful. Calmly moving forward. Obediently fulfilling their intended purpose.

In that moment, I realized that the stressful anxiety I was hanging onto was not a response that was honoring to my King. My hurried, worried demeanor was distracting my heart, soul and mind away from His glory. I was not living thankfully and presently in His grace. And in that moment, I realized that peace was not something I could independently manufacture... that true security was not under my selfish control... that my life was not really organized by any human schedule. No, my peace, security and schedule all belong to God. These are under His protection and care. My moments are not intended for me to anxiously worry over. No, my moments are really His moments - and provided for me to receive, trust and follow after my Redeemer. He calls me to calmly advance onward as I live appreciating and fulfilling my intended purpose... to bring Him GLORY!

How did I forget this? What was so big and important that I allowed my stress to temporarily eclipse God's splendor? For my wonderful King clearly cares more about me than all the clouds in the sky. He knows the very number of hairs on my head. He is overseeing every aspect of my journey from point A (Earth) to point B (Heaven). My trust is in Him. My safety is in His hands. How grateful I am to realize that even if I am powerless, He is not. I can look to Him and appreciate His order... His beauty... His plan for my life. I can turn my focus to really look and notice Him and then relax in glorious praise.

Thank you, Lord. For I am blessed by this important reminder. I am humbled, once again, by the many expressions and assurances of love that you share.

When we arrived at the restaurant to meet my friend, I showed up relaxed, peaceful, and calm because I was filled with appreciation, contentment, and gratitude. I sat through lunch beaming in blessings - as happy and free as a giggly little girl.  Why?  Because my romantic God had ordered a visual love letter as wide as the sky, choosing to deliver it within the peaceful breezes of an ordinary, busy day. Yes, my Savior issued a holy appointment for those clouds to capture my attention and remind me of His perfect sovereignty. How blessed I am to be His child. How grateful I am to know He is in control of my days.

So DW's, just like those peaceful, fluffy clouds, let's quietly advance forward under the Savior's rule. Let's carry His unfathomable power with us and share His replenishing purpose wherever the wind carries us. For we were created to take notice and glorify the One who made the big blue sky, the grains of sand, the flowers of the field. He has blessed us with infinite portraits of beautiful love, and desires for our hearts to be focused upon His joyous hope.

So, why not join Jesus in the here and now?  Why not relax in His peace that surpasses all human understanding?  Why not stop to take notice of His beautiful creativity and strength while patiently trusting His headship? Lay aside all your anxiety and join Him here... now!  Snuggle close to him, barefoot in His luscious green pastures... gazing in awe of His grace as you rest beside His still waters. Yes... today, restore your soul in His sovereignty.  Take time to look at His love... to notice and receive the One who has come to renew your soul. What else could we possibly need to focus on outside of Jesus?  He is all that matters.

Rejoice! For our God promises protection and offers freedom.  He has great plans ahead, and desires to shower us with blessings and goodness and grace beyond measure. Our God is a mighty, majestic, magnificent GOD!

Hallelujah!  Yes, hallelujah to our present and capable King!

O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. (Psalm 8:1)

Blog Posting Written By Victoria Anderson

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