Thursday, October 31, 2013

a little hip hop Hallelujah from Victoria

This world's pollution is no solution to find everlasting love, life, might, sight. We must fight the enemy with Jesus, who redeems us, superseeds us, guarantees us forever. So endeavor to know His love, grow in His life, tow His yoke, for He paid the price to save and gave you a place in His home - acknowledge His throne, He alone is the One, King of Kings. So sing and rejoice, cause He made the choice to restore your rapport with the Father above. Take hold of His love. Don't remain deceived or naive to your sin within but believe, receive, and achieve the new life of Christ from His selfless but not helpless sacrifice. His way is the only path, the only place, the only hope, the only pace to base your identity and find true humility, harmony, serenity, sanity, and credibility in the Name of Jesus. Trust and obey... cause THIS IS THE DAY to live His way!  Word!

Blog Post Written By Victoria Anderson

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