Sunday, August 1, 2010

a treasure to be seen

Is it not a gift to see the sun setting in the heavens?
Oh, how I long to be with my Jesus.
For His magnificent ways are higher than I could ever imagine.

Today, I will give thanks for His love.
For His beauty is found in every dew drop.
His greatness is seen in every crashing wave of the sea.
Here I will stand astonished and blessed.
For my God is great.
For my God is in control.

Oh glorious nature. Your gift is not appreciated from one generation to the next.
Under the Master's care, does not one seed bring forth the great oak or the mighty field?
By His command, was not oxygen encapsulated?
Here within earth's atmosphere reside infinite buildings of a grand Carpenter.
Quietly showcased in a gallery of galaxies do we see His absolute skill and design.
Yes, truly His work is to be revered and applauded.
For what pleases His eye can only be good.

Oh foolish men.
You do not credit the Artist who made you.
You do not see the talent of His workmanship.
You do not notice the intricacies of His creation.
But who are we compared to the sun’s radiance?
Who is man in contrast to the worm or the elephant?
Are we as big and powerful as the mighty volcano?
NO! We are nothing!
Only from dust do we originate. Only to dust will we return.
Yet by God’s decree we are made more.
By His deep love we are rewarded with the bounty of fields and the fruit of trees.
We have been given dominion over every land and every beast by the blessing of His sovereign hand.
Praise Him. For the scope of His generosity cannot be grasped.

Oh great God, humble my soul!
Let me fear Your words with my whole self.
Let me love Your ways with my whole heart.
Let me be pleased and satisfied with Your perfect plan.
For then I will acknowledge the good You have given me.
Then I will truly see the gifts You have offered throughout all my days.
Do not let my eyes look past them.
Do not blind me from Your care.

Go forth my friends and accept all His provisions.
Simplify your thoughts with great realizations and the truth of His holy word.
Never forget that our God is good! Our God is real! Our God saves us from ourselves!
The repentant sinner may find His way!
The broken heart may be restored...
All in His Name! All in His Name!

So, do not be caught up in worry or deceit.
Do not be tied down by shame and regret.
Self is not important...
Only Christ! ONLY CHRIST!

His many splendors are here to be admired.
May we discover His revelations along this narrow path.
May we continue to walk straight in His law...
Always toward His glory.
Always toward His love.

And as I walk, dear Lord...
Let me not forget the diminutive creatures that live under the rocks.
Let me not take for granted the clouds above my head and the mighty storms they bring.
For they are remarkable.
Let me not forget the wind that blows the desert sand.
Let me not overlook the pollination of the bee or the beauty of the flower.
Let me not forget the mysterious creatures that live under the sea.
Truly these are complex and fascinating examples of Your talent.
Let me not miss the rotation of each planet nor the distance of every star that glimmers.
Teach me of Your colors, and Your elements, and Your design.
I want to see everything You have accomplished, My King!
I want to know all the workings of Your hand.
Do not hide from me Your omnipotence.
Let me seek. Let me find.

All praise and glory is Yours, dear Father.
For endless are the triumphs of a perfect Creator!
All ground is sacred for Your hand has touched it.
All words are precious for Your lips have breathed them into my mouth.
Every knee shall bow down to Your authority and might.
Every tongue shall confess Your Lordship over all.

With every fleeting moment, let me sing your Holy Name!
Do not give me rest unless I am resting in Your embrace.
For there is no other place I wish to be but in my Shepherd's arms!

Blessed is the Lord,
For He has given everything and more!
Blessed is His Name,
For He has given life and NEW LIFE!
To ignore His unmatched excellence is foolishness!
To ignore His perfection is the most despicable of follies.

Lord, I am small.
Let me be reminded regularly.
Let my focus not become cloudy or hazed.
Continue to open my eyes so that I may behold Your greatness.
Continue to keep me poised so that I may relish Your goodness.
May my witness bear Your witness...
For YOU are a Treasure to be seen!



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