Saturday, June 1, 2013

woo hoo!!!

Sometimes we wake up in a new day and first think, "Ugh, I have so many things to do today." And sometimes we get up in the morning and realize, "WOO HOO... what a beautiful day to be alive. Thank you, Lord!" Let's make this morning the latter and thank our Heavenly Father for the LIFE He has given! Today, let's carve out time to know His Word. Let's make a point to enjoy this gorgeous planet He created for us. Let's love each other as He first loved us! Let's work hard, play big, and give generously.

Go ahead, tell your family you love them! Do something nice for someone who needs something nice! Accomplish, enjoy, dream, and believe that God is in control of all moments and wants you to live each and every one of them fully.

And at the end of this magnificent day, let's be still and rest - knowing that our God is with us! Knowing that His Way is the best Way, and we are becoming more like Jesus in every "WOO HOO... YES LORD!" we agree to accept.

Peace & love, peeps!



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