Wednesday, April 10, 2013

God's Word is...

Hi all!  I just thought I would share a little bit of what I'm currently studying pertaining to the power of God's Word...

God's Word is (metaphorical descriptions of the Bible)...

A Mirror (Jas 1:23, 24, 25)
It reflects the mind, holiness and righteousness of God and exposes the filthiness of men's sin.

A Seed (1Pe 1:23, Jas 1:18, Mt 13:18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23)
Once planted in a good heart, it brings forth life, growth, and fruit.

Water (Ep 5:25,26,27, Ps 42:1 Ps 119:9 Pr 25:25 Is 55:10 He 10:22 Re 22:17)
Like water it is cleansing, quenching, and refreshing.

A Lamp (Ps 119:105, Pr 6:23, 2Pe 1:10)
Light a lamp it shows us where we are, guides us to where we are to go and keeps us from falling off the path.

A Sword (He 4:12, Ep 6:17)
Like a sword it pierces with equal efficacy on sinners, saints, and Satan.

A Precious Metal - Gold (Ps 19:10, Ps 119:127), Silver (Ps 12:6)
Like gold and silver it is precious, beautiful, and highly valued in God's eyes.

Nourishing Food - Milk (1Pe 2:2), Meat (He 5:14KJV), Bread (Mt 4:4, Jn 6:51), Honey (Ps 19:10)
Is is nourishing because of the strength it imparts and the growth it produces in one's Christlikeness.

A Fire (Jer 20:9, Lk 24:32)
Like a fire it is purifying and consuming and bespeaks judgment.

A Hammer (Jer 23:29)
It shatters sinful man's pride and self righteousness.

If you have others, please feel free to share!!!  How wonderful is the Word of our King!!!!

I have a companion, a dear, faithful friend,
A union of blessing that never shall end;
Till Jesus returns with His saints from on high
We'll travel together, my Bible and I. 

Love love love!  And, stay close to Jesus, peeps!



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