Saturday, March 23, 2013

today in pictures: Austin, TX

Morning coffee.

Sweet nectar of all that is pure and good!

Apples in a wood bowl.

Wooden tentacles.

Secret garden of Hotel San Jose in Austin. Lovely.

My kind of graffiti.

Momba & me on Austin boat tour earlier tonight.

Momba & Sarah on boat tour! So pretty!!!

Austin, TX's capital building.

The girls at Au'Cap!

Inside the Capital at Austin, TX.

Halls of justice.

Too funny. Austin is such a quirky place.

Common commodes.

Momba and Sarah behind the bars. Haha!

Awesome wood-slatted entrance.

Pottery piggy bank.

Go green.  
Definitely an artistic town full of folks making their own statements. 
God bless them, every one.

Naked bicycle man!!!
What most amuses me is that this guy knew to put a hat on.
Really... just a hat, dude?!!!

The heavens declare the glory of God!

Thank you Austin, Texas for a great day!

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