Saturday, March 23, 2013

overwhelmed from your busy work week?

Now that it's Saturday, I'd like to remind y'all who may be overwhelmed from this past busy week to take time out for rest. From the emails I continue to receive from all you wonderful folks, I'm certain that so many just need to stop, relax, and take a deep breath... choosing and learning to be still with the Lord.

Because of this, I felt it necessary to remind you who are overwhelmed to consider this: from one end to the other, the Scriptures admonish us to take time out for rest. Jesus Himself set the example, regularly withdrawing from His earthly ministry to spend time alone with God.  (Read Matthew 14:13, Mark 1:35, and Luke 4:42... no, really, take some time to read these verses!)

Please try to make God the priority and pause in His love.  He wants to restore you.  He's ready to embrace you.  So, carve out some time to just BE with the Savior this weekend. Take in His truthful Word and enjoy the presence of THE ONE who can bring you peace and glorious rest.  It is good.

Give Him your worries.  Stop and consider the generous bounty of His gifts.  Savor each breath of life that He gives you this new day.  Be still and know that He is GOD!

Peace... Be Still.



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  1. I read a wonderful book a few months back called "Sabbath Keeping: Finding Freedom In The Rhythms Of Rest" by Linda Baab. It wasn't "legalistic" about keeping the Sabbath, but made a genuine case for making sure we schedule time for rest. As a self-confessed work-a-holic, I can tell you that taking a 24-hour break from the computer (I work on the computer) has made a difference in my productivity. I actually get more done when I take a sabbath's break!