Sunday, December 30, 2012

the priceless gift of Christmas...

Now Christmas is a season
For joy and merrymaking,
A time for gifts and presents,
For giving and for taking;
A festive, friendly, happy time
When everyone is gay ...
But have we ever really felt
The greatness of the Day?
For through the centuries the world
Has wandered far away
From the beauty and the meaning
Of the Holy Christmas Day.
For Christmas is a heavenly gift
That only God can give,
It's ours just for the asking,
For as long as we shall live.
It can't be bought or bartered,
It can't be won or sold,
It doesn't cost a penny,
And it's worth far more than gold.
It isn't bright and gleaming
For eager eyes to see,
It can't be wrapped in tinsel
Or placed beneath a tree.
It isn't soft and shimmering
For reaching hands to touch,
Or some expensive luxury
You've wanted very much.
For the priceless gift of Christmas
Is meant just for the heart,
And we receive it only
When we become a part
Of the kingdom and the glory
Which is ours to freely take,
For God sent the Holy Christ Child
At Christmas for our sake,
So man might come to know Him
And feel His Presence near
And see the many miracles
Performed while He was here.
And this Priceless Gift of Christmas
Is within the reach of all,
The rich, the poor, the young and old
The greatest and the small.
So take His Priceless Gift of Love,
Reach out and you receive,
And the only payment that God asks,
Is just that you believe.

A Poem by Helen Steiner Rice

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